Thorne Innovation
Thorne Innovation strives to create the world's most innovative solutions for health. Projects generated by this center are radically disruptive in how they push the limits of human potential and redefine what it means to be well. Thorne Innovation is where new ventures are born.
Breakthrough insights happen at the intersection of ideas, concepts, and companies.
Explore the intersectional innovation of ventures born out of Thorne Innovation.
Thorne AI combines a multi-omic artificial intelligence (AI) platform with a consumer-friendly interface to make precision wellness intervention possible.
Thorne AI’s testing delivers science-based recommendations for customized wellness plans that include dietary, supplement, and other lifestyle recommendations. Thorne leverages Thorne’s physician network to offer convenient testing and powerful analytical tools to improve preventative care and lower healthcare costs for their patients.
The detailed insights extracted from testing allows Thorne to have the unique opportunity to validate nutritional products while offering insight into new product development to better improve patient outcomes.
CB2 Therapeutics is improving the quality of life for individuals with chronic inflammatory conditions that have high unmet needs or are otherwise poorly served with existing therapies in the medical field today.
CB2 is leveraging the power of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the importance of which has only recently been realized. The ECS acts as the body’s primary regulatory system, helping regulate everything from sleep and the stress response to inflammation. CB2 is pursuing the development of safe, natural treatment options that act on the ECS for unique applications.
Thorne and Drawbridge are bringing health care to the home with convenient and painless blood collection. These blood tests will offer evidence-based supplement recommendations while also helping individuals spot trends and areas of possible future concern regarding their health.
These tests offer easy-to-understand results, along with meaningful insights, personalized recommendations, and validation of action plans through retesting.
Effusio is providing a healthier alternative to today’s functional food and beverage space, while decreasing the impact on the environment by reducing packaging, emissions through shipping, and water mining. Effusio is utilizing Thorne’s exceptional ingredient quality and world-class nutritional formulas to craft printed nutritional supplement strips. These strips provide essential nutrients and are an excellent alternative to gummies and sugar-filled beverages.
Thorne Lab is a next-generation clinic that puts prevention at the forefront of health practices. Thorne Lab aims to modernize the medical system, turning it away from being focused on treating sickness and toward a system focused on preventative health maintenance.
Thorne Lab measures multiple facets of health – including cognitive function, dexterity, balance, strength, body composition, and blood analysis. This multi-layered health data collection enables more accurate nutritional product use – allowing individuals and health professionals to focus on prevention and maintenance as opposed to treating symptoms.
Thorne Lab also provides invaluable insight to medical professionals for improved health and wellness decision-making.
Thorne and Tecton are developing a series of innovative and patented products with ketone esters at the center. Tecton’s first product will be a beverage for enhanced cellular metabolism that combines ketone esters and nicotinamide riboside. This product will support cognitive performance and endurance in extreme environments.
Test, Teach, & Transform
Thorne is defying expectations of what good health can be by exploring the world within our bodies. We use that knowledge to pursue and design the next generation of first-class health solutions. Thorne Innovation establishes a new model for wellness, a model that: tests, teaches, and transforms how you define healthy.
We’re disrupting clinical and at-home health testing with innovative technology that changes how health is measured. Our next-generation of health technology captures a wealth of multi-omic data and utilizes it to change how individuals manage their health.
We take huge swaths of health data and distill it down to show an individual what is happening inside their body. As experts in the field of human health and wellness, it’s our duty to teach the public about safe and efficacious interventions and measures they can take to drive their health to new heights.
Achieve a health beyond what was once thought possible through groundbreaking natural products that transform the concept of “good enough.”