Onegevity Lab provides the first clinical experience that truly embodies the precision prevention paradigm. By enabling individuals to obtain a digital 360-degree snapshot of their health, Onegevity Lab empowers individuals to identify opportunities that preserve health and optimize performance.

Developed in 2018 at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Onegevity Lab is designed to support the transformation of the health-care system from sick-care to well-care – and away from reacting to disease toward a more predictive model that empowers patients with personal information they need to be proactive about maintaining health.

How does it work?

Onegevity Lab represents the future of the digital, data-driven patient experience. Although we live in an unprecedented time of digital transformation, the doctor’s office has remained largely unchanged for the past 100 years.

Onegevity Lab started with a question: How could we create value for researchers and innovators working to invent the health care of the future while simultaneously helping the patients of the present?

The answer is that Onegevity Lab provides patients with a comprehensive health assessment that empowers them to optimize their health. For researchers and innovators, that translates to a wealth of data that could lead to breakthroughs in the science of health and a testbed for innovative new health-care practices.

Onegevity Lab aims to move away from a rearview mirror model of understanding disease toward a more predictive, forward-looking model of health. Under this model, patients have the personalized information they need to be proactive about their health, and doctors have a more sophisticated understanding of the biomarkers, behaviors, patterns, and other keys to preventing disease – because a health-care system that prevents disease produces lower costs and better outcomes for all.

The patient experience

Onegevity Lab offers a highly personalized health experience. As part of the session, a trained clinician guides the patient through a personalized health assessment and consultation, including vital signs, blood chemistry, body composition, cognition, strength, and balance, to provide the patient with a more complete picture of their health.

By incorporating models of health that are highly validated but understudied, patients learn about their health in a comprehensive and personalized manner, unlike anything seen in clinics today.

Onegevity Lab empowers patients by examining often overlooked modules of health, such as cognitive function, grip strength, and balance – all leading indicators in long-term health, but rarely evaluated when a patient is still healthy.

The researcher’s playground

For researchers and innovators, these comprehensive health assessments translate to a wealth of data that could lead to breakthroughs in the science of health and innovative new health-care practices.

Researchers will use this data to uncover trends and population health considerations that could lead to earlier identification of disease and more actionable outcomes.

Onegevity Lab is working with the leading health-care artificial intelligence researchers to better detect early signs of health risk and create better models of wellness, rather than disease, to optimize long-term health outcomes.

How do Thorne, Onegevity, and Onegevity Lab work together?

Onegevity has licensed Onegevity Lab from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in their quest to advance testing products that enable individuals to measure their unique biology down to the molecular level. This partnership deepens Onegevity’s commitment to becoming the leading precision wellness technology company that empowers personalized health decisions with advanced diagnostics, intuitive analytics, and actionable insights.

Onegevity’s Health Intelligence Platform employs advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to integrate multi-modal health information and distill large volumes of personalized health data into actionable, individualized insights.

Onegevity is building the first-ever closed-loop consumer testing and insight service that connects testing, individualized insights, and product recommendation and delivery into a single consumer experience.

Many other testing companies tend to overwhelm the consumer with excess scientific information and often do not provide solutions to any identified health concerns or optimization opportunities.

Unlike other testing companies on the market today, Onegevity closes the loop by providing recommendations for efficacious and evidence-based natural products and nutritional supplements tailored to an individual’s goals and their unique biology.

Thorne’s expansive catalog of clean, quality-tested nutritional supplement products provides an ideal foundation for Onegevity’s testing and personalization platform.

Together, these three companies are redefining what it means to be healthy and to empower users by testing new modalities of health and providing the solutions necessary to optimize health and wellness rather than treat disease.

Thorne Innovation Labs™ strives to create the world's most innovative solutions for health. Projects generated by this center are radically disruptive in how they push the limits of human potential and redefine what it means to be well.