At Thorne, we believe that to be the best you must work with the best.

Working with the best includes collaborations with researchers, manufacturers, and organizations that are as driven to be the leaders in their fields as we are to lead ours. Every Thorne collaborator shares our vision of redefining health care through science and technology. Here are some of the research institutions, suppliers, technology companies, and sports organizations that we are proud to call collaborators.


ChromaDex is a publicly traded, innovative natural products company. In July 2013, Thorne formed a strategic partnership with ChromaDex to develop and commercialize ground-breaking natural products. Two of the initial successes of this collaboration are the commercialization of pterostilbene - a bioavailable resveratrol product - and Niagen® - nicotinamide riboside marketed by Thorne as NiaCel®. Numerous clinical trials are now underway around the world that are studying these ingredients for multiple indications of use.

CrossFit Invictus

Led by CJ Martin, Cross Fit Invictus is redefining fitness through its innovative functional training, its physical gym locations, and its digital presence. Thorne is proud to support Invictus in achieving its mission to provide its members a path to achieve their health and wellness goals. Thorne partners with Invictus by collaborating on educational initiatives, administering health testing for a gym location's elite athletes, and by providing supplements.


Since 2012, Thorne has teamed with Helsinn HealthCare SA, a leading multinational pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland that specializes in cancer supportive care. Helsinn's contributions to cancer care include a portfolio of therapeutic agents that are used around the world. The alliance between Helsinn and Thorne enables both companies to fulfill a shared mission: to provide the best possible quality of life for individuals whose lives are impacted by cancer.


Indena is the world leader in the identification, development, and commercial production of active bio-principals from plants. Indena's expertise in phyto-therapeutic research has generated more than 120 primary patents and 700 published scientific studies. In October 2011, Indena and Thorne entered a collaboration that has resulted in the development of 40 new botanical products, including many that are exclusively available only from Thorne. The continued close collaboration is providing the foundation for even more exciting advances in the field of botanical research.

Mayo Clinic

Thorne entered into a Master Clinical Study Agreement with Mayo Clinic in August 2014 to conduct a series of randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials on a number of nutritional supplements. The studies are designed to test the safety and efficacy of a range of single compounds from natural sources, plant extracts with complex molecular attributes, and complex nutritional products formulated to address specific nutritional needs.

The primary focus has been on testing materials that are considered GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) within the FDA designation, and to emphasize the understanding of mechanism of action, safety, pharmacokinetics, and optimal use for these products. Thorne also provides reliable, relevant health information from Mayo Clinic to the general public.

SafetyCall International

SafetyCall International® is an independent adverse event management and reporting company. Since 2013, SafetyCall has handled all of Thorne's adverse event reporting, thus ensuring that our practitioners and their patients have 24/7 access to clear and trusted health, safety, and medical information. Thorne's number one priority is the safety of our customers when they are taking our products. Thorne is one of only a handful companies in the professional-use supplement sector that uses a third party to manage its adverse event reporting to promote product safety.

U.S. National Teams

Thorne is the proud exclusive wellness partner for 12 U.S. National Teams. We provide a large portfolio of NSF Certified for Sport® supplements products to these USA teams and athletes that support their performance goals. We also provide additional support for these athletes including health testing and consultation, which enable each athlete on the team to follow a personalized plan for diet, exercise, and supplementation. By utilizing follow-up retesting, the athletes, coaches, and trainers are able to monitor individual improvement and modify each protocol as needed.