Drawbridge Health is a health-care technology company focused on reinventing the blood draw experience. Founded in 2015 by GE Ventures and GE Healthcare, Drawbridge’s primary focus is to achieve comfortable and convenient blood sample collection anytime and anywhere.

By integrating engineering and dried blood technology, Drawbridge has developed a people-friendly system to collect and stabilize blood samples, thus opening new doors to important health information.

How does it work?

Thorne and Onegevity Health are the exclusive partners to Drawbridge Health and its OneDraw™ Blood Collection Device and A1C Test System. The OneDraw is an FDA-cleared, small, lightweight, single-use device that attaches to the upper arm with a hydrogel adhesive and vacuum. By pressing two buttons on the device, a virtually painless capillary blood sample is collected on a cartridge within the OneDraw Blood Collection Device.

The stable, dried, blood sample within the cartridge is then mailed to a third-party lab for analysis, and the results, insights, and recommendations can be viewed on Onegevity’s health intelligence platform by the patient and their health-care professional.

OneDraw can be used by a variety of health-care professionals at the convenience of the patient population: doctors' office, locker rooms, spas, at-home visits, schools, workplaces, research sites, and more.

Blood chemistry panels can even be designed around an individual person or for a population. The OneDraw Blood Collection Device is individually packaged and contains everything needed – from site preparation to the mailing envelope.

How is Drawbridge Health and the OneDraw Blood Collection Device changing the market?

The OneDraw Blood Collection Device device completely eliminates the fear of needles and the discomfort of a venipuncture blood draw. With the easy-to-administer and convenient process, as well as the lack of a visible needle, patients are satisfied with their blood draw experience.

The OneDraw Blood Collection Device helps reduce the need for sending a patient to a lab, waiting in line, and having a phlebotomist and designated biohazard space on site.

How are Drawbridge Health, Thorne, and Onegevity working together?

These three companies have teamed up in an exclusive partnership in the U.S. wellness market to transform the blood collection process. Together, we are working towards a full-scale commercial launch for supervised draw-settings in early 2021. 

Results will be quick, and when imported via the Onegevity health intelligence platform, both the practitioner and the patient will receive a comprehensive understanding of their health metrics in relation to other values (including genetics, gut microbiome, and more), and personalized recommendations for desired health goals, including Thorne supplement recommendations.

Onegevity and Thorne will be teaming up to use the OneDraw Blood Collection Device in the corporate wellness space too. Onegevity will deploy its Corporate Performance Program with employers to enable employees to individually measure, understand, track, and improve their health and wellness with preventative health screening and personalized interventions – with the goal of saving costly insurance claims from chronic, untreated conditions. 

The Proof

Thorne and Onegevity put the OneDraw Blood Collection Device to the test. On a dry-run corporate experience using employees new to the OneDraw Blood Collection Device, 40 adults volunteered to a blood draw at work.

Thirty-five percent reported they are typically anxious about having bloodwork done, further explaining that the discomfort from the draw, seeing the number of tubes filling with blood, and feeling faint as their primary reasons for anxiety.

On a scale of 0-10, zero being no pain and 10 being the worst pain imaginable, 21 adults reported the OneDraw Blood Collection Device as a 0 on the pain scale, with the average “pain” being 0.5. Ninety percent reported the pain as less than that of venipuncture, and 100 percent of the volunteers said they prefer the OneDraw Blood Collection Device over venipuncture or finger prick blood collection methods. The OneDraw Blood Collection Device has received a Net Promoter Score of an 84.3. 

As we approach our launch we will be sending updated communications. 

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