Onegevity is the leading multi-omic health intelligence platform using research-grade evaluations and artificial intelligence to deliver science-based, consumer-friendly, personalized health recommendations.

Based in New York City, Onegevity works together with Thorne to design clinically studied supplements, including pre- and probiotics, for Thorne’s customers based on customers’ integrated metabolic profile. Onegevity’s platform synthesizes the massive, complex, and dynamic human data derived from genomic, proteomic, blood chemistries, microbiome, saliva, and self-reported metrics to provide a comprehensive molecular portrait and personalized interventions for an individual’s health.

Onegevity’s objective is to offer convenient testing and powerful analytical tools to improve preventative care and achieve lower health-care costs for our customers. In the short-term, Ongevity will focus on underserved but widespread, chronic issues, including gastrointestinal health, women’s hormonal health, physical/mental stress, and skin health.

Each company in the venture brings unique and valuable expertise

Onegevity is the only company in its field to offer an integrative health intelligence platform that can assess and map the most complex physiological measures—and do so while working directly with consumers, practitioners, and employers.

Onegevity’s mission is to be the one-stop platform for long-term health mapping. It empowers individuals to obtain multiple biological measurements, identify and measure symptoms, and determine how these change over time by utilizing personalized recommendations.

Consumers no longer need to visit multiple doctors or labs for evaluations, results interpretation, and recommendations, and similarly, physicians don’t need to be a specialist in all fields of health.

Onegevity is truly disrupting the outdated system of health care by empowering preventative care, benefiting patients who are now able to control their health care and medical history, practitioners who can offer tests, insights, and recommendations that complement their scope of practice, and employers who are paying ever-rising health-care premiums.

Thorne brings to the venture unmatched experience as an established global leader in the sales and distribution of evidence-based nutritional supplements for consumer self-care and physician-directed therapies.

Thorne contributes extensive scientific expertise and R&D capabilities in natural therapies from more than 30 years of experience. By leveraging the power of Onegevity’s health intelligence platform, Thorne can clinically test the efficacy of supplements and develop new formulations that better serve the needs of individuals. 

Who is using Onegevity?

Onegevity’s platform and product are used by consumers to manage their own health, by practitioners and professionals to support patient health and advance their scope of practice, and by employers looking to offer employees health-care options and save on medical costs.

A bright future forward – starting with Gutbio™ 

Onegevity launched in January 2019 with an at-home gut microbiome test kit called Gutbio™. What makes Gutbio different from other tests is its advanced whole-genome shotgun sequencing and easy-to-read report. The analysis identifies and measures the DNA of every microorganism present in a stool sample, providing a stable status of gut health.

The Gutbio report is designed for those suffering from symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome—gas, cramps, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and inflammation. In a pilot trial including 96 adults (64 with IBS-C, IBS-D, or IBS-M, and 32 healthy controls), subjects completed a Gutbio test, followed their personalized recommendation plan for 30 days, then retested.

Results showed significant symptom relief and improvement of gut microbiome bacteria counts and ratios in all subjects—including the healthy volunteers, concluding that the Onegevity Gutbio test and personalized recommendations work.

Through the Gutbio trial and numerous other clinical trials that Onegevity is completing, the data in their platform is growing, and the personalized recommendations and machine learning are becoming more precise.

Onegevity is expanding its product offerings to include the integrated additions of blood chemistries, saliva hormones, and genetics so the tests can be ordered, completed, and reported within the same platform for an individual to see how one affects the other.

Looking ahead, Onegevity will continue disrupting the traditional system of health care with the launch of a number of new products in the near future.

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