We're seeking real, authentic voices, who use Thorne in their regular fitness, beauty, or wellness routine. We want to hear your stories of how Thorne health solutions have helped improve how you feel.


Our ambassadors are all about making an impact, no matter the number of followers they have. If you believe your voice can make a real difference to your community, then we encourage you to apply to our program.


Thorne Ambassadors celebrate everyday health and wellness by vocalizing their Thorne product experience and recommendations within their communities.

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Monetize your Thorne recommendations. Earn a commission on every new customer order placed through your ambassador link.
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Receive Thorne content, educational articles, and social graphics to share on your own channels.
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What is expected of a Thorne

Thorne Ambassadors are an extension of our brand. As such, we ask our Ambassadors to engage Thorne within their community, while also driving sales to using social media, word of mouth, and other reasonable means. Some ways to to reach these goals are:

  • Speaking about Thorne and Thorne's health solutions via social media or word of mouth
  • Sharing Thorne's Take 5 Daily content, Thorne's YouTube videos, and promoting Thorne's social media networks
  • Recruiting new, like-minded Ambassador-customers to join the Thorne Ambassador Team

I submitted my application to become a
Thorne Ambassador, now what?

We will email you within one week of your applying to the Ambassador Program whether you are accepted.