Simple online

Reduce overhead costs

Eliminate the hassle of managing inventory and build an online dispensary of preferred products

Best rebate rate

Thorne offers an average of 47%+ compared to competitors' 30% for online dispensing

Ensure your patients get the right evidence-based products by sending prescriptions directly via email
Autoship and tracking opened/ordered prescriptions helps to ensure patients are compliant with your protocol
Ensure your patients get the right evidence-based products by sending prescriptions directly via email
Drop ship recommended products to your patient's doorstep in the U.S. for free.


Build ongoing relationships with patients through the Thorne platform.

Review results

Review lab results for 5 Thorne at-home tests to personalize protocols and measure outcomes.

Custom recommendations

Build and share custom protocols with patients that include diet, activity, and supplement recommendations.

Sharable resources

Share educational resources with patients from Take 5 Daily articles, Videos, and our Patient Guides.

Build your practice

Upload a csv file or add an individual email address to invite patients
Create a Thorne profile and patients can find you online
Add to your website and give patients direct access to your dispensary
On how to maximize the functionality of the site for your practice
Get updates on your earnings and what individual patients have ordered

Stay informed

Latest research

Review our articles and videos about the latest clinical studies on ingredients and products


Watch and learn about clinical protocols and the latest advances in integrative medicine

Seminars & events

Learn in person how lifestyle recommendations can help improve patient outcomes

Personal activity feed

Review your profile feed to get real-time updates on the latest resources posted and events in your area

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions

I am a health professional with a wholesale account. Can I take part in the Referral Program?

No. At the present time, the Referral Program is only for retail accounts. We encourage you, of course, to keep telling others about Thorne.