Effusio’s mission is to provide a healthier alternative to today’s functional food and beverage space. In doing so, Effusio also strives to lessen the impact on the environment by creating sustainable packaging alternatives and reducing packaging waste.

Effusio was born out of Thorne Innovation Labs™, a groundbreaking idea center where Thorne’s best and brightest focus on understanding the needs of today’s society to design the next generation of innovative health solutions.

Effusio utilizes Thorne’s exceptional ingredient quality and world-class nutritional formulas to craft printed, dissolvable supplement discs. These novel discs provide essential nutrients and are an excellent alternative to gummies and sugar-filled beverages. With their revolutionary printed, dissolvable disc and sustainable packaging, Effusio products are challenging the current supply chain and packaging industry that currently pollutes our planet.

Thorne and Effusio: A shared vision for a healthier future 

No one should be limited by a definition of health that is anything less than optimal. That is what Thorne Innovation Labs believes, and why it is committed to providing innovative health solutions like Effusio. It’s because we believe better lives begin with better health.

Both companies bring unique and valuable expertise: 

  • Thorne – Thorne is the established leader of evidence-based supplements and wellness products for consumer self-care and physician-directed therapies. Thorne’s extensive scientific expertise and R&D capabilities in natural therapies enable Thorne to source the world’s highest-quality ingredients and develop innovative and exclusive product formulations. 
  • Effusio – Effusio utilizes Thorne’s ingredients and formulas to create printed, dissolvable discs that turn any beverage into a wellness solution by offering essential nutrients and botanicals. 

This unique joint effort will adhere to Thorne’s already industry-leading standards, including: 

  • Practicing 100-percent transparency in ingredient sourcing and product formulation. 
  • Maintaining the highest quality standards by adhering to the FDA's current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines.
  • Testing every raw ingredient for identity, purity, and potency. 
  • Staying committed to Thorne’s “No List” – the list of unnecessary fillers, additives, and allergens that will never be included in an Effusio product.

A revolutionary disc designed for you

Each Effusio formula is designed around a particular health function, such as a formula for GI health, sleep support, or a daily multi-vitamin/mineral complex.*

A printed disc is dropped into your liquid of choice and quickly dissolves to create an easy solution to optimize your health.* 

Get your nutrients without any unnecessary sugar

The “functional beverages” in today’s market – sports drinks, energy drinks, smart waters, soy beverages, etc. – are loaded with excessive sugar. And that’s not good.

As these "healthy" drinks, beverages, and gummies gain in popularity, experts worry about the significant amounts of sugar that sweeten these products, and in particular the health problems linked to excessive sugar consumption, such as:

  • Heart disease1
  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease2
  • Increased risk of diabetes3
  • Weight gain4
  • Cavities5

On top of all that sugar, there is extraordinarily little substance. These “healthy” beverages saturating the market do have some form of vitamins – but usually not in optimally absorbed forms or in truly functional amounts.

Grab any bottle of a so-called vitamin-infused drink and you will likely see a few vitamins, vitamin B12 is a common example, but not all vitamin B12’s are the same. These mass-produced beverages typically use the form of vitamin B12 known as cyanocobalamin, whereas Effusio discs contain only vitamin B12 in its methylated, tissue-ready form – methylcobalamin

Why does this matter? Well, sometimes the body has trouble converting inactive B12 (cyanocobalamin) due to issues like compromised liver function, poorly functioning enzymes, digestive disturbances, and age. On the other hand, the active, tissue-ready form of vitamin B12 is in a readily absorbable form that can be immediately utilized by the body – no conversion required.

Furthermore, most functional beverages offer only minuscule amounts of micronutrients. It comes down to this:  would you rather get 25 percent of your Daily Value nutrients in a form your body has trouble absorbing, or 100 percent of a nutrient in its optimal, most absorbable form? 

Obviously, we want each Effusio product to taste good, but more importantly, we want the product to be healthy. So we opt for a small amount of a sugar alternative, such as a sugar alcohol or an occasional natural sweetener like Stevia or Allulose. 

You see, we have designed each Effusio disc down to the smallest detail. The result is a product that quickly dissolves in cold water while creating a consistent form of delivery. Every ingredient you see in an Effusio product serves a very specific purpose. And adding additional calories from sugar is not one of them.

A sustainable solution

Our mission is to improve health – not only for the individual, but also for the planet. Effusio strongly supports sustainability and we strive to leave the smallest carbon footprint on the planet as possible. 

Imagine the sheer number of plastic bottles in production right now for beverages that will be transported around the world. It requires a ridiculous amount of energy to make, package, and transport all that plastic. And all the oil used to produce that plastic contributes to global climate change.

Where does all that plastic end up? 

  • In our oceans: It is estimated that 46,000 pieces of floating plastic are in every square mile of our oceans.6
  • In our landfills: One report estimates that only 14 percent of recyclable packaging is collected, while only about 2 percent is actually recycled.7 

Other sustainable alternatives – despite our best intentions – still end up in landfills. Plastic alternative containers, like aluminum can be recycled and reused. Yet Americans still throw away more than $700 million of aluminum cans every year, so only two-thirds of aluminum cans are recycled. The other third? Thrown into landfills along with all that plastic.

We have designed Effusio with all of this in mind. Because the disc dissolves directly in a reusable water bottle, it reduces the amount of wasteful plastic that ends up polluting our planet. In addition, it means the production process does not require as much energy to create, pack, and transport Effusio products as it does for thousands of plastic-bottled “healthy” beverages.

We also apply a more sustainable approach to our packaging

Effusio packaging is 100% plastic free and carton is 100% recyclable.  As we grow, we are working towards using an internationally certified biodegradable – and completely compostable – biopolymer. This groundbreaking packaging can be processed with organic waste to produce high-quality biomass material. In turn, that material can be used to create new packaging or be returned to the earth as fertilizer for agricultural production.  

It is part of a Thorne Innovation Labs’ joint endeavor to positively impact the health and wellness of individuals while reducing our impact on the planet. 

Thorne Innovation Labs™ strives to create the world's most innovative solutions for health. Projects generated by this center are radically disruptive in how they push the limits of human potential and redefine what it means to be well.


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