Thorne Back to Business  Details


Executive Profiles

Paul Jacobson
Tom McKenna
Chief Operating Officer
Will McCamy
President, Thorne
Scott Hurth
Chief Technology Officer
Scott Wheeler
Chief Financial Officer
Michelle Crow
Chief Marketing Officer
Bodi Zhang
Chief Science Officer
Dan McEvoy
President, WellnessFX
Vin Ferrara
Chief Business Development Officer
Jacqueline Jacques
Senior Vice President
Portfolio Development
Stephen Phipps
Senior Vice President
Research and Development
Kim Pearson
General Counsel
Wesley Barnett
Vice President
Athletic Business Development
Cynthia Keaton
Vice President
Human Resources
Robert Rountree
Chief Medical Officer
Phil McDonald
Vice President

Science & Medical Team

Kathi Head, ND
Jacqueline Jacques, ND
Alan Miller, ND
Murdoc Khaleghi, MD
Stephen Phipps, PhD
Robert Rountree, MD
Mario Roxas, ND
Joel Totoro, RD
Bodi Zhang, MD, PhD, MPH