Since the dawn of time, humans have relied on plants and herbs to treat an array of health problems. Turmeric root is one such herbal remedy that has been used in Eastern cultures for thousands of years.

The turmeric root is harvested, dried, and powdered. While it is often used as a spice in Indian and southeast Asian cuisine, and is famous for giving curry its golden hue and pungent flavor, it has also been used for centuries in Asia because of its myriad health benefits. This is because turmeric contains curcumin.

Curcumin is a potent antioxidant that has been shown to support a balanced inflammatory response in the body.*

Curcumin can also offer relief from the discomfort associated with the overuse of joints and muscles.* But as delicious as a turmeric spiced-bowl of curry tastes, it is notoriously difficult for the body to absorb curcumin. That means you are likely missing out on some of its benefits. Luckily, there is Meriva®.

Meriva > Curcumin > Turmeric

So, turmeric, the plant, contains natural amounts of curcumin. The drawback is that it is hard for the body to absorb curcumin. Although curcumin supplements can provide highly concentrated amounts of curcumin — its absorption remains an issue.

Thorne’s Meriva product suite – high quality curcumin supplements – use a patented phytosome technology to optimize the absorption of curcumin.

Meriva works by bonding the curcumin extract with phospholipids, which leads to better absorption than other curcumin extracts on the market.*

In fact, Meriva, the most clinically studied curcumin extract on the market, was found to have 29-times greater absorption than an ordinary curcumin extract.* That means Thorne’s Meriva products can optimize curcumin’s health benefits.*

The science of Meriva and musculoskeletal support

Perhaps there is a reason early humans used turmeric root to aid everything from simple soreness to sprained ankles.

Multiple studies indicate that the curcumin in Thorne’s Meriva can provide significant joint support.*

In a 3-month1 and an 8-month2 study of 50 and 100 individuals with joint stiffness and achiness, respectively, 500 mg of Meriva twice daily resulted in increased treadmill endurance, improved joint function, decreased achiness, and maintenance of a healthy cytokine balance (the proteins that regulate an inflammatory response in the body).*

Other studies indicate Meriva reduces muscle soreness after physical exertion.*

In one study, a group of 20 healthy male volunteers were randomized to receive Meriva (one gram, twice daily) or a placebo for 48 hours prior to and 24 hours following a downhill running test.

Subjects in the Meriva group reported significantly less thigh soreness; significantly less muscle damage was also observed on MRI in the Meriva group.*3

Get Meriva your preferred way

Meriva 500-SF contains 500 mg of curcumin phytosome complex per capsule and comes in two convenient sizes (60- and 120-capsule count bottles). While Meriva-SF (sustained-release curcumin) contains 250 mg of curcumin phytosome complex per capsule and uses patented sustained-release technology for long-lasting effectiveness.*


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