UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, and Thorne HealthTech are excited to announce a renewed commitment and partnership to provide UFC athletes, as well as interested individuals, with the testing, data-based solutions, and premium supplements to achieve peak performance. 

“In the first three years of our partnership, Thorne products have become an indispensable component of UFC athlete fight preparation and recovery tactics through the UFC Performance Institute’s nutrition team,” said the Director of Sports Nutrition at UFC Performance Institute, Clint Wattenberg. “Thorne products are made of the highest quality ingredients, allowing for precision supplementation and enabling our dieticians to better meet each athlete’s individual performance, recovery, and nutritional support needs.”

Paul Jacobson, Thorne’s CEO, explains how the unique partnership highlights Thorne’s ability to optimize the performance of an athlete at the individual level: “When we were approached by UFC to partner and support athlete health and performance, we saw an opportunity to leverage our health intelligence platforms, including testing, data-based solutions and Thorne supplements, to further optimize a fighter’s performance. We are thrilled that our commitment to providing scientifically backed, clean, natural solutions for the most unique and complex health and wellness issues is helping UFC’s ecosystem of athletes and dieticians to achieve better health and performance.”  

The importance of clean supplements

Athletes and individuals who use supplements to achieve wellness goals deserve to know that what they put into their body is safe.

Thorne invests in the highest level of certification that is trusted in professional sports: NSF Certified for Sport®. Thorne’s manufacturing facility is certified by NSF International for implementing Good Manufacturing Practices, and Thorne manufactures more than 30 NSF Certified for Sport supplements that give athletes complete confidence in the purity of Thorne products.

Professional athletes, like those competing in the UFC octagon, trust Thorne products because they are tested for more than 200 banned substances. UFC will continue to integrate Thorne’s line of NSF Certified for Sport products into supplement plans created by UFC-registered dietitians, nutritionists, and coaches under the guidance of the UFC Performance Institute. Since UFC began offering Thorne’s NSF Certified for Sport supplements to their athletes in 2019, there has not been a single incident of a failed drug test from contaminants in supplements or challenges with weight management.

“The ability to direct UFC athletes to Thorne when it comes to their nutritional supplement needs is invaluable in ensuring the use of both quality and – most important in my world, safe – nutritional supplements,” UFC Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance, Jeff Novitzky, added. “I look forward to continuing our partnership with Thorne and bringing the message of quality and safe nutritional supplements to our athletes and fans.”

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