Whether you are traveling for work or planning a holiday vacation this year, it’s important to support your health while you’re on the road. Even the best-planned trips are stressful on your body. To keep your wellness routine in working order, here are the “whys” and the “whats” of supplements for your trip.

Reasons to pack supplements 

Even if suitcase space is limited, here are some good reasons you should take supplements with you.

  1. Travel is stressful. Tight deadlines, long airport lines, cramped cars and airplane cabins that make it hard to sleep – these are just a few of the ways travel exerts stress on your body.
  2. Your immunity also takes a hit from traveling. The added stress of traveling, plus a different sleep schedule, puts extra strain on your immune system – not to mention the possibility of traveling next to someone who has a cold or even the flu. Doesn’t it seem when travelling during fall and winter there is always one person on the plane who is sniffling, sneezing, and coughing?
  3. Your diet isn’t at its best. A vacation is often like one long “cheat day” where you break from your normal healthy eating. You settle for airport fast food and indulge in appetizing new restaurant food. Doing both often means you don’t get the needed amount of nutrients and fiber.

What supplements to pack

What you should pack depends on the trip you’re taking. If it’s a simple overnight trip, then you probably just need your daily multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. However, if the trip is longer than overnight, here’s what we recommend bringing along in your suitcase (in addition to a daily multi-) for an extended weekend trip.

1. Energy

Traveling is exhausting and puts a stress on your adrenal glands. So it’s important to bring something for energy support. Thorne’s Cortrex® is a unique supplement that contains adrenal glandular tissue and vitamins and minerals that nourish your adrenal glands.*

Cortrex is formulated to support healthy adrenal function and maintain normal cortisol levels, thereby supporting your energy levels during this time of additional stress.*

2. Immune support

Because of the stress of travel, adding some extra immune support is a smart idea. Thorne’s Myco-Immune is a blend of six mushroom extracts shown to provide significant immune support.*

And the liquid dispenser makes it convenient to measure out the proper serving size to add to liquids while you’re on the go. And Myco-Immune is in a 2-ounce bottle – TSA-friendly enough for your carry-on.

3. Sleep support

Although good restful sleep is important when traveling, sleep can be elusive no matter how long the trip. If you travel to a different time zone, then you can be jet lagged and your body clock is completely thrown off.

In addition, you’re not sleeping in your own bed with your own pillow, and you might be worried about what’s going on at home – are your pets being cared for? Is your family ok? To support good sleep, there’s Thorne’s Melaton-3™.* Melaton-3 supports restful sleep, helps balance circadian rhythms, and provides benefit for those with jet lag.*

What happens if your trip is for a week or more? You might want to consider bringing a little extra support (in addition to your daily multi-vitamin/mineral, energy, immune, and sleep support, of course). Here are our recommended supplements for an extended trip.

4. Stress support

Like we’ve said, traveling has its stressful moments; but don’t let it ruin the trip. To help manage stress, Thorne offers a few options. Hemp Oil + contains the purest hemp stalk oil possible to support the body’s response to stress, physical discomfort, and GI distress.*

In addition to Hemp Oil +, consider Thorne’s PharmaGABA-250. This unique formula is for both stress and sleep support.* It contains naturally sourced GABA, a brain chemical that supports restful sleep, acts like a "brake" on stress, and promotes a focused state of mind.*

5. Digestive/Immune support

Having an upset stomach or getting sick is a surefire way to ruin a trip. Support both gut and immune health while traveling by using Thorne’s FloraSport 20B® – a unique probiotic that helps ward off traveler’s diarrhea and also supports your respiratory tract.*

Another aspect of travel – especially during the holidays – is unhealthy eating. It’s harder to stick to a normal diet routine because more often than not we fill up on comfort foods and holiday desserts. To give your gut a little extra support, try Bio-Gest.* This unique formula helps digest fats, proteins, and carbs by providing additional digestive enzymes.* Bring it to dinner gatherings and pass it around – your friends and family will thank you.

6. Comprehensive support

Try Thorne’s Travel Bundle. It contains Melaton-3 for sleep support, FloraSport 20B for immune and GI support, and Catalyte® – a powdered electrolyte replacement supplement.* It’s easy to get dehydrated while traveling, particularly when traveling by air. Take some Catalyte in a glass of water when you reach your destination. Whether traveling for business or just for fun, the Travel Bundle is a perfect trio of supplements for any type of trip.   

Other travel health tips:

Here are a few more quick tips to make the most of your trip and to help stay healthy.

  1. Stay hydrated (and always drink alcohol responsibly)
  2. Find time for a workout (or try to at least walk as much as possible)
  3. Aim for one healthy meal a day, like a meal filled with fruits and veggies – the added fiber will help ward off traveler’s constipation
  4. And make sure to get enough sleep!