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Essential nutrients for women

The importance of a prenatal supplement

Taking a prenatal supplement helps fill key nutrient gaps for a woman who is trying to conceive or who is pregnant or lactating - times when diet alone might not be enough.


"I have had 6 babies. 9 pregnancies. Out of the 6 babies the last baby I had at age 43, nearly 44 was by far the best. This prenatal kept my iron up and my energy going when so much else in life needs to be done. I highly recommend. Im still taking it while nursing 18m old. I will be switching to another Thorne multi better suited for me after breast-feeding."

Samantha E

The prenatal difference

Although quantity is important, so is quality - including the form the nutrients come in

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1,000 mcg (active 5MTHF)
800 mcg (metabolically inactive folic acid)
Folate helps prevent neural tube defects, which are serious abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord.* This prenatal supplement contains 5MTHF, which is the metabolically active form of folic acid.* This is important because 3 out of 5 Americans have a genetic inability to convert folic acid into 5MTHF.
45 mg (well-absorbed and well-tolerated Iron Bisglycinate)
18 mg (as poorly absorbed ferrous sulfate)
Iron supports the baby's growth and development and helps prevent iron deficiency anemia.* Many prenatal supplements contain ferrous sulfate, which is poorly absorbed and irritating to the gastrointestinal tract. The iron bisglycinate in Thorne's Basic Prenatal is easy on the stomach and non-constipating.*
Vitamin B12
200 mcg (active Methylcobalamin)
6 mcg
Vitamin B12 helps maintains nervous system health and protects brain cells.* This need increases during pregnancy because it creates new maternal and fetal brain cells.* Basic Prenatal uses methylcobalamin, an active B12 form more readily used by the body.*
Vitamin C
150 mg (Ascorbic acid)
60-120 mg
Vitamin C is necessary for both the mother and the baby to help maintain the overall health of the body, providing immune function support and enhancing collagen formation.*
Vitamin B6
12 mg (active P5P)
2-8 mg (inactive pyridoxine HCl)
Vitamin B6 is vital for the baby's developing brain and nervous system.* Research suggests that extra vitamin B6 helps alleviate morning sickness.* Taking vitamin B6 in its active form means it is ready to be used by the body because it doesn't go through the conversion process in the liver.*
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
5 mg (active R5P)
1.7 mg (inactive riboflavin)
Riboflavin helps the body produce energy and it promotes the baby's growth, good vision, and healthy skin.* Riboflavin must be first converted to its active form (R5P) to be utilized; however, a damaged digestive system can affect this transformation. Thorne provides riboflavin in its ready form so it can be optimally utilized by the body.*

What Thorne does not put into its Basic Prenatal

Is almost as important as what we do put in it

Artificial Preservatives


Hidden Lactose


Banned Substances

Nut-Based Ingredients

Genetically Modified Organisms

Having difficulty becoming pregnant?

The following are some factors that can interfere with a woman's fertility - and some tips to improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

Factors that can improve a woman's fertility


Not only does regular exercise benefit all of your body systems, it helps you reach a healthy weight and reduce stress. Having an established exercise routine can typically be continued throughout pregnancy, allowing you and your baby continued benefit. However, extremely strenuous exercise can drain your body of resources and diminish your fertility.

Healthy Body Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight is essential. Women with a normal BMI have a greater chance of conceiving than women who are either underweight or overweight.


Making good sleep a priority could be one of the simplest things you can do to improve your fertility. Sleep deprivation is linked to increased risk for many chronic conditions. Lack of sleep also reduces your ability to cope with stress.


As with many capabilities of our physical bodies, the younger you are the more fertile you are likely to be.


If your diet lacks necessary nutrients, then your body will not have the resources it needs to maintain good health, let alone conceive and grow a child. The Mediterranean Diet has been shown to improve fertility.

Factors that can interfere with a woman's fertility


Stress adversely impacts every system in the body, including reproduction. Being in a stressful environment or often experiencing stress can be affect fertility. Learning to manage your stress and reducing its impact on your health could benefit your overall well-being and your fertility.


The modern world is loaded with numerous toxins, from air and water pollution to alcohol, nicotine, and illegal drugs. Good rest, nutrition, and hydration help your body cope with unavoidable toxins. Avoidable toxins such as alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs should be discontinued when you are trying to conceive.


A dozen or more hormones, not just estrogen, all participate in coordinating fertility. Sometimes a hormonal imbalance can't be corrected, but in many cases, it can. In addition to sex hormones, stress and thyroid hormones can affect fertility.

Diseases, Disorders, Genetics

Anything that weakens a body system or redirects the body's resources from reproductive tasks can potentially decrease fertility. A short-term infection or chronic illness can affect fertility.

Maintain a healthy microbiome

A population of healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract also helps support healthy vaginal bacteria. Having a healthy vaginal flora supports your chances of becoming pregnant.

Prebiotic Foods

High-fiber foods that help "feed" the beneficial bacteria in a woman's gut and vagina. Examples include:

Chicory • Jicama • Raw garlic
Raw onion; scallions; leaks • Fiber nutritional supplements

Probiotic Foods

Fermented foods that contain beneficial bacteria. Examples include:

Yogurt, Kefir (fermented milk) • Miso (fermented soy beans)
Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) • Kombucha (fermented black or green tea)
Kimchi (fermented radishes and cabbage) • A probiotic supplement*


Several studies have shown that acupuncture can decrease stress and increase the ability to conceive. An analysis of 24 different studies found acupuncture improved the ability to conceive in women undergoing in vitro fertilization.

Thorne maintains an extensive network of health professionals - many of whom are licensed acupuncturists.

Find an acupuncturist

What are your levels?

Thorne's At-Home Fertility Test provides insights by measuring a woman's reproductive hormones, thyroid function, and stress response.

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For a woman who is trying to conceive, or who is pregnant or lactating

What recent research has found out about 5-MTHF and fertility and pregnancy

A 2018 study of 30 couples who were trying to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term

All 30 couples had fertility/pregnancy issues for at least four years from varying causes

At least one member of the couple had the gene mutation that interferes with the conversion of folic acid to folate

Most of the women had tried high-dose folic acid without success, and two-thirds of the couples had tried assisted reproductive technology (ART) without success

The 30 couples were supplemented with 800 mcg/day 5MTHF before trying to conceive

13 couples became pregnant spontaneously, while another 13 couples succeeded with ART

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Servy EJ, et al. MTHFR isoform carriers. 5-MTHF (5-methyl tetrahydrofolate) vs folic acid: a key to pregnancy outcome: a case series. J Assist Reprod Genet 2018 Jun 7.

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"My favorite and has been incredible! I've taken this throughout my entire pregnancy and it's been wonderful! 10/10"

"Love your prenatals! I'm so grateful for a folate option."

"When I first found out I was pregnant, one of the first things the doctor tells you (and you read) is START TAKING YOUR PRENATAL! Which de-coded means START GOOGLING 'WELCOME TO THE RABBIT HOLE!' I originally started with a cheap generic prenatal, which turned my pee bright green and upset my stomach every time I took it. I was also incredibly lethargic and didn't realize just how low my iron levels were! It was then I was introduced to @thorneresearch, whose ingredients are the purest possible and who takes great pride in their clinical research and quality of products. Their iron level was the perfect amount to boost mine and it eliminated my tiredness and was completely fine on my sensitive tummy! Now that my baby is here I have continued to take Basic Prenatal along with their Basic Bone Nutrients to have the strongest body I can while breastfeeding!"