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Iron Bisglycinate

Ingredient common name

Iron bisglycinate

An essential mineral for the formation of new red blood cells*
Fatigue associated with low iron* 


Patented ingredient name



Albion Laboratories, Inc.

Manufactured in

United States

Dietary sources

Non-heme-iron (vegetarian sources) – dried beans (highest in white beans), spinach, dark chocolate, tofu; and fortified breakfast cerealsHeme-iron (animal sources) – oysters, beef liver, chicken liver, beef, sardines, and chicken (especially dark meat)

Why our form
  • Significantly better (about double) absorption than that achieved by conventional iron supplements, such as ferrous sulfate
  • Better absorption means fewer side effects
  • Better absorption means greater efficacy with taking a smaller amount
  • Backed by numerous clinical studies on safety and efficacy
  • Its molecular structure prevents dietary interference with phytates
  • Regulated by the body’s iron status – so the more you need, the more you absorb
What we test for
  • Identification (via HPTLC)
  • Heavy metals
  • Microbes

Contained In

Clinical References