“What I’m least proud of as a surfer is our lack of attention and change as it relates to ocean health. No way around it, we need to be better as a community in taking care of the ocean,” explains John Florence. 

Having spent his life growing up in Oahu’s famed North Shore – and building a career out of riding the world’s most exhilarating waves – John John knows a thing or two about the ocean. It’s where he spends a majority of his days, as he describes “It’s pretty much surf sunup until sundown…For the most part I’m in the ocean all day unless I’m changing out boards.” 

It’s his connection to the water that’s helped the two-time world champion surfer also become a champion for ocean conservation. We recently took the time to chat with John John to learn more about his eco-friendly initiatives, and why he’s excited to collaborate with Thorne’s line of sustainable, dissolvable discs that can turn any drink into a functional beverage.

Q&A on Ocean Conservation Projects 

Q: You spend a ton of time in the water, and ocean conservation is very important to you, can you tell us about Florence Marine X?

A: Florence is all about getting out and exploring your environment. To put it simply, we’re building things that motivate us to get outside and thrive in the elements.

Q; What is it, what differentiates it from other brands, what are some key initiatives you're working on through Florence Marine X?

A: Florence is an outdoor clothing brand. We put a lot of value into sourcing, responsibility, product longevity, and ultimately creating a product that allows our community another tool for exploring their environment.

Right now we’re working with SeaTrees. If anyone signs up to become a Florence member, 1 mangrove would be planted through SeaTrees, which equates to 1 ton of CO2 stored. We’ll look for opportunity to support groups like The Nature Conservancy and others that support healthy ecosystems. I have a lot of respect for The Nature Conservancy and what they do!

Q: How can people help support not only Florence Marine X, but water conservation in general?

Well, supporting Florence seems straight forward. If someone likes what we’re creating, we’d love to have them along on the journey. We’re building an inclusive environment in that sense. It isn’t just for surfers, but anyone who wants to get outdoors. As for water conservation, there are many ways to support. Sometimes starting simple is the best way to go. I try and pick up 2-3 pieces of trash each time I’m on the beach.

Q: How did you hear about Thorne?

A: I’ve been trying to learn more about my body and optimizing performance as I’ve gone through my career. I’ve tried a large range of different supplement manufacturers and at some point, found Thorne. I have a great team around me who was very supportive of Thorne products and safety measures, so it seemed like a great supplement brand to stick with.

Q: How important was the focus on sustainability in your decision to partner?

A:I always have respect for brands that take matters of difficulty into their own hands, especially regarding the environment. What Thorne's dissolvable disc line is doing from a packaging perspective is inspiring, and I hope that others choose to lean into that type of thinking.

Dissolvable Discs Sustainability Stance

Thorne’s innovative dissolvable beverage disc line – leverages innovative printing technology to provide sustainable health alternatives to traditional functional beverages. The product suite's mission is to improve health – not only for the individual, but also for the planet – and do so by strongly supporting sustainability and striving to leave the smallest carbon footprint on the planet as possible.

Because the innovative disc dissolves directly in a reusable water bottle, it reduces the amount of wasteful plastic that ends up polluting our planet. In addition, it means the production process does not require as much energy to create, pack, and transport the products as it does for thousands of plastic-bottled “healthy” beverages.

In fact, the dissolvable discs:

  1. Use 75% less CO2 emissions to make1*
  2. Use 1/3 of the water1*

Additionally, to further support out green initiatives, the product packaging is 100% plastic-free and will eventually be completely compostable. 

Also, be sure to help support our partner John John Florence and Florence Marine X’s mission of protecting both ocean and land. Visit florencemarinex.com to learn more. 


  1. Independent Study by Industry-leading Sustainability Group, July 2020

*per 8oz. serving, compared to a plastic bottle of competitor functional beverage