How many times have you decided you want to take a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement but, when confronted with a dozen or so choices, you didn’t know which one would be best for you? Or, if you’re a health-care practitioner, do you have trouble choosing which probiotic is best for your patients? This is one our most frequently asked questions – which fill in the blank is best for me?

Because Thorne knows that “one size doesn’t fit all” in supplements, we often offer multiple choices of products within a particular category. That’s why Thorne product quizzes were developed by our medical team so you can identify which product is best for you.

We now have 10 quizzes that will enable you to narrow down your choices – and more are on the way.

Multi-vitamin/mineral quiz – our most popular quiz

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about the need for multi-vitamin/mineral supplementation. Some so-called experts say you get all the nutrients you need from the food you eat. But do you? One answer is, “Yes, if you are relatively healthy, you probably could.”

But do most American adults eat a diet that provides them with sufficient amounts of the various health-giving vitamins and minerals they need for optimal health? The answer is, “Probably not.” The vitamins and minerals in a well-formulated “multi“ support all aspects of health.*

Because of the nutrient-depleted soils where most vegetables and fruits are now grown, as well as other deficiencies of our current food supply, AND because very few American adults eat the recommended five daily servings of health-giving fruits and vegetables, many nutrition experts agree that a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement taken daily will help fill the nutrition gap.But with 10 Thorne multi formulas offered, which one is the best choice for you? Take the quiz and find out.

Fish oil quiz

Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for every cell in the body to function properly – and they have particular importance for the heart, blood vessels, brain, nerves, blood sugar metabolism, lipid metabolism, and skin.* The only way to obtain omega-3 fatty acids is through the diet or supplementation because the body doesn't produce them.

And because the body doesn’t produce these or certain omega-6 fatty acids (like GLA from borage oil), they are referred to as essential fatty acids. It is common for a person to be low in the essential fatty acids, particular the omega-3s EPA and DHA, because the primary dietary sources of these important fatty acids are fatty fish, like salmon, trout, anchovies, sardines, and mackerel.

So if you don’t eat a lot of fish regularly, then you should take a fish oil supplement. Thorne has five different omega-3 supplements to choose from. Which one is best for you? Take the quiz and see what we recommend.

Probiotic quiz

Because of the broad-ranging health benefits of probiotics, they can provide added protection for maintaining good health.* In addition to supporting a healthy GI tract, research points to other benefits for having a healthy gut microbiome, for both physical and emotional health – all of which can be supported by a probiotic.*

While all probiotics can benefit the GI tract, some offer additional benefits – for immune function, maintaining a healthy weight, or benefitting travelers, for example.* Because one size does not fit all, Thorne offers five probiotic products that support individual needs.  Which one is best for you? Take our quiz.

Protein powder quiz

Although it is usually not too difficult to obtain adequate protein in the diet, there are times when additional protein in the form of a protein powder supplement can be indicated. Some groups that might benefit from additional protein include:

  • Athletes trying to ‘’bulk up” or anyone engaging in strenuous exercise
  • Older adults, whose need for protein increases, but at the same time they’re eating less because of reduced appetite, difficulty chewing or swallowing, or poor digestion
  • Individuals recovering from surgery
  • Individuals healing from an injury or burn
  • Growing children
  • Vegans and vegetarians

Thorne has 12 different protein powders – some are only vegan or non-vegan protein sources, while others have additional vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and unique nutrients to address specific health issues. Take this quiz to see which protein powder is best for you.

B complex quiz

Most B vitamins do not remain stored in the body, so they must be acquired daily from the diet to help maintain optimal health.* Therefore, supplementing with tissue-ready B vitamins is important for everyone, especially individuals who might be unable to convert non-active B vitamins in the liver to their active forms.* 

While a B complex supplement can benefit everyone, certain individuals can find particular benefit from taking a B complex supplement because of increased need or decreased intake, including:

  • Individuals who are experiencing a lot of stress
  • Women with PMS symptoms
  • Vegans and vegetarians because of decreased intake of certain B vitamins
  • Athletes engaging in strenuous exercise – B vitamins are water-soluble and can be lost in sweat
  • The elderly because of decreased intake and poor absorption
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women because of increased need
  • Individuals with GI conditions that result in inadequate intake and absorption
  • Individuals on diuretics or with a health condition that results in increased urination – due to loss in the urine
  • Heavy alcohol consumers

Every vitamin B complex supplement that Thorne makes provides all eight of the B vitamins plus choline, but just in different amounts. Which is the ideal vitamin B complex for you? Take this quiz.

Digestive enzymes quiz

Circumstances such as a long-term illness, gall bladder removal, overuse of antacids, and normal aging can contribute to insufficient secretion of stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes, and bile, any one of which can lead to various symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort. Maldigestion can result in insufficient absorption of nutrients, giving rise to vitamin deficiencies (particularly the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K) and food allergies.

Thorne offers a variety of digestive enzyme supplements that can meet your health needs, whether you need help with protein digestion, fat digestion, or more broad-spectrum support.* You also have a choice between plant-based or animal-based supplements. Which one is best for you? Take this quiz.

Sleep product quiz

Sleep affects everything from physical and mental performance to mood and weight control. But for something so key to our health and wellness, many of us are chronically sleep deprived – 60 million Americans, in fact. And 70 percent of us experience enough daily stress to disrupt our sleep.

How is your sleep? If you need some help choosing a supplement that promotes better sleep* – whether you’re jet lagged, sleep deprived from nursing a baby, suffering from menopausal hot flashes or night sweats, working night shifts, or just totally stressed out – try taking this quiz.

Fatigue quiz

This quiz is a little different from the others. We often get the question – I’m tired much of the time so what product can I take? That’s a hard question to answer because there are so many reasons for being tired. Instead of straight out recommending a product, we first try to help you figure out why you are experiencing fatigue – whether it’s inadequate sleep, stress, less than optimal thyroid function, hormone imbalances, etc.

You will likely be recommended one of several home tests, which in turn will provide you with personalized lab results that could point you toward hormone or other metabolic imbalances, tell you what these results mean, and suggest what you can do about it – with diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations. Take the quiz now.

Stress quiz

Stress, particularly chronic stress, can negatively impact nearly every aspect of health, from cardiovascular health to weight management to sleep to immune function and everything in between. With more than a dozen Thorne supplements to consider, deciding which stress support product is the ticket to bliss for you can be stressing. And we all know it’s even harder to make a decision when you’re feeling stressed. Can we help you out? Take this quiz to narrow down your choices.

NSF Certified for Sport® products quiz

Thorne has the most extensive line of NSF Certified for Sport products – 24 individual products and seven product bundles. And Thorne’s NSF Certified for Sport products are not just for the pros and elite athletes – they are for everyone.

We believe the professional athlete, the casual competitor, and everyday individuals alike should have access to nutritional supplements that have been tested to ensure the absence of 200+ banned substances. Whether you are looking for basic foundational supplementation or supplements that support athletic training or a recovery program, this quiz can help you sort it all out.  Read more about NSF certification.

Try an individual quiz or explore all of our quizzes here. Taking tests was never so much fun.


1. Ward E. Addressing nutrition gaps with multivitamin and mineral supplements. Nutr J 2014;13:72.