Melissa Meyers is the go-to guru for lifestyle advice on all things beauty, style, and wellness. Her blog, The Glow Girl, empowers women to look and feel their best so that they can become the best versions of themselves.

“I created The Glow Girl blog because I saw there was a need for women over 40, to have a trusted source of lifestyle information and advice for quality products and services,” Melissa said.

Melissa’s passion for health and wellness is what helped lead her to Thorne.

“Originally through my integrative Dr. about eight years ago. She mentioned that Thorne was an amazing clean supplement company that has the best formulations including probiotics, NAC, and glutathione (all supplements she recommended that I take based on my blood work),” Melissa said. “I’ve been taking Thorne ever since and have added many more of their supplements to my regimen over the years.”

“I am a true believer of preventative medicine and taking Thorne supplements daily gives me the confidence that I’m doing everything, to the best of my knowledge, to lead a more enhanced life, helping me reach my health and wellness goals.”

To better understand Melissa’s inspiration behind the blog and movement, it’s important to understand the story that led her to where she is today. We recently took some time to speak with Melissa about her inspiration behind The Glow Girl, her own wellness journey, and some of her favorite tips for healthy aging.

A Glow Girl in the Making 

Growing up, Melissa cites her parents as her two biggest role models – supporting her multitude of interest and hobbies while also inspiring her work ethic and interest in wellness.

“I was born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, New York by parents who were first-generation Americans—my mother was Russian and my father Greek, both in the fashion business,” Melissa said. “My Mom was one of my biggest role models as she was extremely active, high-energy, and hardworking. Some of her favorite sayings were, “The early bird catches the worm,” and “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

It was Melissa’s parents fresh take on food that helped her fall in love with healthy and holistic nutrition.

“I was lucky to grow up eating a Mediterranean diet because of my father’s influence—lots of fish, fresh vegetables, and salads! As a child, I had a low immune system and got sick quite a bit. In fact, I had my tonsils out when I was two, so I was always looking for ways to improve my health. I found this to be a lifelong journey and only discovered the use of supplements and holistic medicine in my 40’s. I now use both naturopathic and western medicine to keep my overall health on track.”

Before Glow Girl There was Ask Melissa 

Melissa wasn’t always the “Glow Girl.” In fact, before starting off on her own entrepreneurial journey, Melissa spent 10 years as a marketing executive for a Wall Street investment bank. By the time she had her son, Melissa wanted to return to the workforce with a focus on something she was truly passionate about. This led her to create “AskMelissa” a  popular referral business that led to Melissa becoming the go-to-girl for all things lifestyle and wellness. “AskMelissa” eventually evolved into PageDaily, a daily magazine covering fashion, beauty, wellness, celebrity and travel.

Using her experience from “AskMelissa” and PageDaily, along with her experience as a lifestyle expert for NBC’s Weekend Today Show in New York, Melissa decided to launch a personal blog in 2016, which became the iconic “The Glow Girl” blog.

“It was not an easy journey, but I finally found my niche,” she said.  “I realize that my true passion is to empower women to be the best version of themselves and to help them find their inner and outer glow! I enjoy testing quality products and services focused on wellness and clean beauty and then curating them to help women make smart shopping choices. Educating women on clean living is an important element of my brand. Sharing my tips to look and feel 10 years younger has become embedded into my everyday life.”

Her Favorite Things About Thorne 

As mentioned, it was through Melissa’s integrative doctor that she first found Thorne.

“Not only did my integrative Dr. recommend Thorne as their first choice in supplements but so did my nutritionist! The double endorsement did it for me! Thorne is also the supplement of choice for several US teams including many professional athletes,” she said. “Plus, they are committed to being 100% clean. All Thorne products are made with the purest possible ingredients. Yes, please!”

Melissa describes Thorne as, “Personalized, scientific wellness at its best!

“I love that Thorne has an integrative approach where they look to find out what your body is missing and then add the specific supplements that fit your personal needs,” she said. “For starters, they offer quizzes that determine which product formula is right for you by answering a few questions about you and your lifestyle. They also offer health tests that show your unique health insights and give a personal plan for how to eat, exercise and what supplements to take based on the results. Two of the tests I’m excited to take are the Gut Health test and the Biological Age test. I am always looking for new ways to optimize my health.”

Melissa’s New Favorite Healthy Aging Formula 

NiaCel 400 – Thorne’s new NR formula –is at the top of Melissa’s list for favorite new supplements when it comes to healthy aging.

“I love these new formulas because they help support healthy aging by promoting the production of NAD+ which in turn helps the body defend itself against many stressors. Being that I am 56 years old, I take it daily to support my overall cellular energy production. Since I’m very active and play tennis, hike, horseback ride and do yoga weekly, I need to make sure that I do whatever I can to optimize my exercise efficiency!” Melissa told us.

“I started using NiaCel about 3 months ago and LOVE how I feel. I like to pack in a lot each day and taking these particular supplements help me maintain my health and wellness goals. Anything that supports brain, metabolic and normal liver function is a welcome addition. I feel more energetic than when I was in my 30’s,” Melissa said. “My muscles are recovering very quickly after physical activity and strenuous exercise. I’ve notice my memory seems improved and I only get tired at bed time. No more mid-day slump!

To learn more about Melissa, The Glow Girl, and her favorite wellness supplements, visit @melissameyers on Instagram or check out