Why is MediClear-SGS one of Thorne’s best-selling supplements? Is it the comprehensive foundational support?* Is it the liver and detox benefits?* Is it the awesome chocolate or vanilla flavors? Let’s agree that it’s all of the above.

The point is, MediClear-SGS offers a broad range of benefits for your health. Let’s start with its biggest benefit, which is detox and liver support.*

1. Detoxify your body

The liver’s star role in the body is detoxification. The liver is responsible for detoxifying harmful foreign substances, as well as undesirable substances created in the body, such as certain hormones. To eliminate these unwanted substances, the liver uses a two-step process – known as phase I and II detoxification. Both phases – I and II – can utilize specific nutrients that support the liver’s detoxification process.

MediClear-SGS contains the specific nutrients that support the liver during both phase I and II detoxification. This unique formula contains broad liver support from vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and other specialized nutrients that aid in the detoxification process.*

  • A high concentration of proteins aids in tissue repair and regeneration.* The amino acids in these proteins – along with the additional amino acids glycine, N-acetylcysteine, taurine, and glutathione – aid in the detoxification and elimination of harmful substances from the body.*
  • Green tea phytosome provides potent antioxidant and liver-protective activity.*
  • Milk thistle extract is one of the best-known botanicals for liver support.*
  • Curcumin (as the well-absorbed Meriva® phytosome) helps provide a balanced inflammatory response to toxic insults to the body.*
  • Sulforaphane glucosinolate (SGS) from broccoli seed extract provides phase II liver support and long-lasting cell protection from free-radical damage.*

MediClear SGS’s detoxification support doesn’t stop there. MediClear-SGS can also be used as part of a comprehensive wellness program, such as Thorne’s 10-Day Detox Protocol or 21-Day Detox and Allergy Elimination Program.

2. MediClear-SGS fills nutritional gaps 

In an ideal world, individuals would have their basic nutritional needs met by eating a healthy diet. But as you know, diets today are far from perfect. In today’s world, the state of the current food supply makes it difficult to obtain the recommended amount of nutrients from our diet.

In addition, very few U.S. adults are eating the recommended five daily servings of health-giving fruits and vegetables.

Both factors contribute to nutritional gaps in our diets that MediClear-SGS can help fill.* This nutritional supplement works great as a daily multi, providing foundational support with a complete multi-vitamin/mineral profile. MediClear-SGS also provides 20 grams of rice and pea protein per serving

3. Combat capsule fatigue

Worn out by sorting through multiple bottles for multiple capsules? MediClear-SGS can simplify your daily supplement regimen. Because it’s a powder, MediClear-SGS provides a convenient alternative way to obtain recommended nutrients.

You can mix the powder into water, juice, milk, a shake, a smoothie – even your morning bowl of cereal. A powder format is especially handy if you are among the many U.S. adults who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules.

4. Ingredients with optimal absorption

You can pack a powder with as many nutritional ingredients as you can, but it won’t mean anything if these ingredients aren’t well absorbed into your body. The nutrients in MediClear-SGS are provided in their most absorbable, best utilized forms, including the active forms of vitamins B2, B6 and B12, folate, well-absorbed mineral chelates, and key botanical phytosomes.*

5. Sensitive to sensitivities 

MediClear-SGS uses rice and pea as its protein sources. Why? Because rice and pea protein have low incidences of allergenicity. It is far more likely for dairy or soy proteins to initiate an allergic reaction than rice or pea proteins.

Therefore, using rice and pea proteins helps eliminate these allergenic proteins from the diet, while maintaining a high-quality protein intake.

And if you follow the dietary recommendations in the wellness guides linked to above, you can eliminate the most allergy-producing foods from your diet as well.

6. Two great tastes

Are you a chocolate lover or do you lean more toward vanilla? Whatever you choose, there are plenty of delicious ways to supplement with MediClear-SGS.

For chocolate lovers, you can try this shake recipe:

Chocolate-Almond Delight 

  • 2 scoops of chocolate-flavored MediClear-SGS
  • 1 small banana (for a creamier shake, use a frozen banana broken into pieces)
  • 1 tablespoon of almond butter
  • 4-6 ice cubes
  • 10 ounces of water

In a vanilla mood? Try this one:

Piña Colada

Would you like more recipe inspiration, some advice on how to identify and eliminate food allergens, and information on how best to detoxify your body? Then access Thorne’s free wellness guides here.

And, as with all Thorne products, MediClear-SGS is manufactured to the highest standards, without shortcuts, and with the purest ingredients possible.