The Latest Research
In a recent study of the effect of nutrient supplementation on muscle mass, 21 males, average age 39.5 years, who did not exercise regularly, were given daily doses of 10 grams of whey protein or 10 grams of whey protein plus 100 mg of PharmaGABA for 12 weeks.

Both groups participated in two weekly 60-minute strength training sessions that consisted of leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls, chest presses, and pull-downs. Total body lean muscle mass increased significantly in the whey protein plus PharmaGABA group compared to the whey-only group.*1

In addition to helping build lean muscle mass, PharmaGABA promotes restful sleep, which in turn can promote athletic performance.* In another 2016 randomized, placebo-controlled trial, a small group of poor sleepers were given either 100 mg of PharmaGABA or a placebo 30 minutes before bedtime for one week.

After a one-week washout period, the two substances were reversed. As measured by EEG, there was a significant decrease in the time it took to fall asleep (sleep latency) in the group taking PharmaGABA compared to when they were taking the placebo.*2

What is PharmaGABA?
PharmaGABA provides a gentle, non-habit-forming source of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a calming brain neurotransmitter.* GABA promotes mental relaxation and stress reduction without causing drowsiness.* GABA is a major neurotransmitter that is widely distributed throughout the central nervous system.

Because too much excitation can lead to irritability, restlessness, and sleep problems, the excitation must be balanced with inhibition. GABA – the most important inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain – provides this inhibition, acting like a “brake” during times of runaway stress.*

The GABA that is in Thorne’s PharmaGABA-100 and PharmaGABA-250 is produced via a fermentation process that uses Lactobacillus hilgardii, the same bacteria used to ferment the cabbage in the traditional Korean dish known as kimchi. A clinical study found this form of GABA increases the production of alpha waves in the brain, which creates a profound sense of physical relaxation while maintaining mental focus.*3

In contrast, the stress-related beta waves in the brain are decreased.* In addition to changes in brain waves, PharmaGABA has been shown to produce relaxation, as evidenced by increased levels of salivary cortisol in a group of volunteers placed in a stressful situation.*3

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