Thorne Health Intelligence

Our health testing is powered by a proprietary, multi-omic platform called Thorne Health Intelligence.

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Our platform.
Using AI to understand.

The Thorne Health Intelligence platform leverages AI models, such as neural networks and deep knowledge graphs, to integrate the billions of dynamic biological features that precisely describe the state of an individual’s health. Our platform then uses those vast data inputs, from health test data and health surveys to the thousands of research papers on the topic, to tailor personalized health recommendations for every individual. The scientific team behind the Thorne Health Intelligence platform has more than 2800 peer-reviewed publications in top-tier journals and more than 70 years of combined scientific industry and research experience.

Our tests.
Generating comprehensive molecular portraits.

From tests that identify a single vitamin deficiency to multi-dimensional analyses that provide better understanding of one's biological age, our innovative test kits generate comprehensive, personalized molecular portraits. These portraits provide individuals greater control over and conviction about what actions they need to take – whether it is consulting with their physician or nutritionist, or making a lifestyle change, or using nutritional supplements to maintain their health over a lifetime.