All year long, moms put others first. Often, they’re so focused on keeping everyone else happy and healthy, they forget to take care of themselves.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to change that. This Mother’s Day, resolve to give your mom – or yourself – a gift of nutritional support for physical and emotional wellness.

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Pregnancy is a critical time for optimizing health and nutrition, both for the mother and her baby. Overall nutritional and caloric needs are greatly increased by pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Vitamins and more
A quality prenatal multi-vitamin/mineral supplement helps expecting mothers get the nutritional foundation they need. Thorne’s Basic Prenatal multi-vitamin/mineral formula is made from the purest possible ingredients, and contains all the essentials, including the bioactive, tissue-ready form of folate – 5MTHF.*
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Adequate folate intake can reduce the risk of having a child with a birth defect of the brain or spinal cord.* Basic Prenatal contains well-absorbed, highly absorbable nutrients, including iron bisglycinate, which is easy on the stomach and has less of a tendency to cause constipation.*

Basic Prenatal also contains ingredients found to benefit women who suffer from "morning sickness," including vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin K.*

Rhodiola has been found to inhibit stress-induced depletion of important brain neurotransmitters, so it can enhance mood, sleep, and mental focus and help moms better cope with stress.*
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The adaptogenic properties of Rhodiola are attributed primarily to its ability to influence the levels and activity of neurotransmitters and the amino acids that mimic the effect of opiates in the brain, such as the beta-endorphins.*

Because it is an adaptogen, Rhodiola has the potential to normalize neurotransmitters in the central nervous system without causing drowsiness or fatigue.*

Focus on gastrointestinal health
Many health-care practitioners consider gut function and good gut ecology – i.e., maintaining a healthy balance of gut flora, the microorganisms that normally live in the digestive tract – to be a key component to overall health.*

Optimal gastrointestinal tract functioning is vital to the absorption of nutrients, elimination of waste, and proper immune function.* Increasing recognition is also being given to the relationship between gut flora and vaginal flora; i.e., a healthy balance of gut flora has corresponding benefit to the vaginal flora.*

Many situations can contribute to an imbalance in the microbial flora of a mom’s digestive tract, including an unhealthy diet, inadequate digestive enzymes, oral contraceptives, antibiotics, and the use of other prescription and OTC drugs.
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Formula SF722® supports a healthy vaginal flora and its active ingredient is six times more effective than caprylic acid.*

Just as pregnancy puts special demands on a woman’s body, peri-menopause and post-menopause also create special nutritional needs. Moms at these life-stages need vitamins and minerals for bone and cardiovascular health, as well as specific nutritional support for the hormonal changes she is experiencing.*

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Meta-Fem® is a complete nutritional supplement for women of either peri- or postmenopausal age.* It contains more calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D than our other multi-vitamin/mineral formulas to support good bone health.*

Meta-Fem features calcium citrate and calcium malate (both shown to be significantly better absorbed than the commonly used calcium carbonate* – oyster shell is calcium carbonate).

It also contains 1,600 IU of vitamin D, an amount that will help maintain bone health and immune health.* Meta-Fem contains no iron, because the need for iron usually decreases when a woman enters menopause.*

Don’t forget urinary tract health
Maintaining good urinary tract health is also important for women. This can be especially challenging for a woman after menopause.

Although, normally, healthy mucus membranes in the vagina and urinary tract help in this regard, in postmenopausal women the mucus membranes in the vaginal and urinary tracts can become thin and dry, making it more difficult to maintain good urinary tract health.

In addition to drinking plenty of water and unsweetened cranberry juice, certain botanicals can also promote a healthy urinary tract.*

Uristatin® consists of several botanical ingredients designed to help maintain normal urinary tract flora.*

Let’s use the day when we celebrate and honor our moms to rededicate ourselves to women’s health and wellness. There’s no better way to show you care about your mom – or yourself.