With gyms and fitness programs temporarily shut down across the country, many are wondering how they can stay healthy and active while stuck at home. Don’t throw in the towel for your gym routine just yet. To offer some inspiration, we recently talked with NBA shooting guard Jrue Holiday of the New Orleans Pelicans and NFL linebacker Troy Reeder of the Los Angeles Rams to get their tips and advice on how to make the most of your workouts at home.

Jrue Holiday’s Health and Home Fitness Routines 

For the two-time NBA All-Defensive Team member, who is coming off one of the most productive seasons of his career, Jrue’s home gym routine is, well, just that – routine.

“I have not been using anything out of the norm. I have been staying active with my normal fitness routines that I can consistently do around the house, such as stretching and working out using dumbbells and kettlebells,” Jrue explained.

“I have been utilizing everyday activities, stretching, and body workouts with weights to help maintain my fitness while I don’t have access to my regular gym.”

As Jrue shows, the biggest hurdle for Americans stuck at home is not that they can’t get to the bench press or squat rack – it’s simply sticking to a routine.

He is also keen on not breaking his regular nutrition routine, either.

“My diet has not changed much since this outbreak has occurred. I have maintained my healthy eating habits to stay in the best shape I can,” Jrue said. “When I’m not cooking, I tend to make different smoothies with the fruit and protein I have in our kitchen.”

Troy Reeder’s Approach to Home Health 

The LA Rams linebacker is not afraid to improvise when it comes to his quarantine workouts.

“These are tough times we’re in,” Troy said, “But at the same time, I think it offers us a unique opportunity to be creative and focus on a few things that you really want to improve on.  I’ve been finding local turf fields to run on and train at while practicing social distancing. Most of the time my brother and I are the only ones there, and we take various pieces of equipment we have accumulated over the years that could be useful in our training.”

When Troy’s not hauling his gym equipment to the local fields, he’s managing to keep up his routine even while watching TV.

“I have tried to implement a few easy things into my normal day. While watching TV or Netflix, rather than sitting on the couch, I stand on a balance pad or sit on a yoga ball for core stability,” he told us. “Little things like that are easy tasks that can go a long way.”

As for eating habits, Troy explains his nutrition regimen now focuses on supporting his immune health, while also eating as healthy as possible.

“This is an awesome time to create a better you by building great nutritional habits to continue once we return to normalcy,” Troy told us. “I have been sticking very closely to my normal nutrient regimen through quarantine. I have emphasized promoting immune function with supplements such as D-5000 and just trying to eat very clean,” Troy said. “In my normal day, I take Thorne’s Multi-Vitamin Elite, Super EPA, Meriva-SF, and D-5000, while also using Thorne’s Creatine, Whey Protein, Amino Complex, and Beta Alanine for my workouts.”

“I make a shake every morning that has been a work in progress to perfect for years,” he explained. “I use 20 grams of Thorne’s Vanilla protein, unflavored almond milk, almond butter, raw organic honey, a scoop of 90-percent Cacao powder, a dash of cinnamon, coconut shavings, and a banana.

If Troy had to pick one food he just couldn’t live without in quarantine – then it would be almond butter. 

“I have it with my morning shake, afternoon sandwich, and sometimes a spoonful with a few dark chocolate chips as a snack before bed. It’s great for you to fuel your body and you can stock up on it because it won’t go bad! Great way to limit going to the store,” Troy said.

How Pro Athletes Are Unwinding at Home 

Of course, it’s not all healthy eating and workout routines, and even pro athletes need to unwind during these stressful times. So how do they do that? From Disney + to Settlers of Catan – and plenty of quality family time – it turns out elite athletes are just like us. 

“I’ve been spending time with my family, my wife, and daughter. This is a unique time where I’m not traveling and finishing the regular season, so I am happy that I have this time to spend and be home with them. We’re playing games around home, watching movies (any of the movies on Disney +) and also staying active with workouts and bike rides around our neighborhood,” Jrue said.

Troy’s enjoying the extra time at home with family, too. 

“I’m from the east coast, Delaware, and am playing in Los Angeles, so being quarantined at home these last few weeks has been an opportunity to spend quality time with my parents and brother before heading back to LA for the season,” Troy said.

To stay entertained, Troy and his family have been doing everything from board games, to books, to binge watching.

“We love the games Settlers of Catan, Rumicub, Taboo, and Scrabble. I’ve also been reading a good amount: Unshakable by Tony Robbins, and I re-read one of my all-time favorites, The Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy. I also love to hop on my Xbox to play with my friends,” Troy explained.

“I also just finished season 2 of All American and am getting ready to start season 3 of Ozark. But for anyone who hasn’t yet, start Game of Thrones.  What better time to start the most binge-worthy show than right now!”

Other Home Fitness Tips to Stay Active 

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