Can science improve performance? The U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team thinks it can. So does the NBA champion Golden State Warriors.

This question was the subject of a recent online article in The New York Times that highlights the way athletic teams are personalizing and fine-tuning nutrition to optimize performance and recovery.

As the NYT article notes, both the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team and the Golden State  Warriors are using advanced blood analysis from WellnessFX to develop customized nutritional programs with high-quality supplements from Thorne.

These elite teams are taking a deep dive into personalized wellness with the objective of giving them an edge over the conventional one-size-fits-all approach to supplementation.

Thorne is a health-care company dedicated to optimizing the health of individuals through science and technology. For more than 30 years, Thorne has led the nutritional supplement industry, providing researched-based, high-quality nutritional supplements that use the purest possible ingredients.

Today, Thorne has the largest line of high-quality, NSF Certified-for-Sport® supplements commercially available in the United States. WellnessFX, a Thorne affiliate, is a personalized telehealth and wellness company that offers individuals, athletic teams, and corporations direct access to actionable health recommendations from the analysis of blood chemistry, genetics, and – soon – the microbiome.

Since no two individuals have the same biochemistry, advanced biomarker testing can open a window into the specific nutrition and supplementation needs of individual team members. WellnessFX is a pioneer in this field, having offered since 2010 this kind of testing to athletes through their popular Performance Panel. Through an ongoing process of testing, supplementation, and retesting, sports teams can see what each individual team member needs and can validate what works and what doesn’t.

Since optimal nutrition drives many performance-related factors, including metabolism, bone health, and muscle healing and recovery, Thorne supplements play a key role in the success of WellnessFX.

U.S. Soccer is a fan of both WellnessFX and Thorne.

In the fall of 2016, Thorne became the official nutritional supplement partner of U.S. Soccer, and the presenting sponsor of Recognize to Recover (R2R), the U.S. Soccer Federation’s first-of-its-kind program aimed at promoting the health and safety of soccer players.

Does this matter beyond athletes?

Improving performance isn’t exclusive to elite athletes who compete at the highest levels. Everyday performance – in your home, job, or favorite sport or pastime – depends on the same factors that drive an elite athlete. For example, optimized supplementation can help an executive improve his or her focus and energy. And if you are juggling a demanding career, kids, and weekend 5K’s, then chances are you could use a supplement that optimizes muscle recovery.

Thanks to Thorne and WellnessFX, you can access the exact same supplement products and testing used by U.S. Soccer and the Golden State Warriors to achieve your personal best in life.