Jordan Hasay has been busy. This past March, she finished sixth in the Huawei Roma-Ostia Half Marathon in Rome and then finished first in the Shamrock Run 15K in Portland, Oregon.

Both races, Jordan told us, were to prepare her for one thing – the Boston Marathon.

For Jordan, her journey to Boston has not been easy. Last year she suffered a reoccurring foot fracture that kept her from competing in both the Boston and Chicago marathons. With this setback now behind her, Jordan remains determined to compete in the Boston Marathon this year. “I want to podium like I did in 2017,” she said.

Q&A with Jordan 

With the running of the Boston Marathon just around the corner, we asked Jordan about her training so far.

“I’m feeling great and I am so thankful to be healthy after missing part of last year with a stress fracture. I’m feeling strong and excited to be back out there!”

When it comes to nutritional supplements, Jordan shared with us her go-to routine.

“I love Thorne’s Catalyte to keep me hydrated,* so I sip on that all day. Also, while traveling I use extra Thorne Ascorbic Acid to support my immune system.* I also use Thorne’s Multi-Vitamin Elite, Super EPA, Meriva 500-SF, and Vitamin D as regimen staples to make sure I’m getting all my essential nutrients.* I love Thorne products because they are NSF Certified for Sport®, so I feel really confident in what I’m putting in my body. I have zero worries about contamination.”

For marathon training, Jordan is also a huge fan of Thorne’s RecoveryPro. She said it’s one of her nightly staples. “With my training, I need a snack before bed and Recoverypro is great to mix with yogurt or milk – plus it has magnesium which helps with sleep.”*

Jordan told us that after a year of supplementing with Thorne products, she is definitely noticing a difference.

“I am able to recover much faster and also handle longer workouts with more ease thanks to being properly fueled and having all my bases covered in terms of overall health. I am so thankful!”

Personal bests and a bright future ahead

As Jordan prepares for another podium finish in Boston, the young distance runner expects to add even more accolades to an already impressive running career.

In high school, Jordan won multiple U.S. national races and set Junior Olympics records in both the 1,500 and 3,000 meters.

In college, at the University of Oregon, Jordan’s multiple podium finishes helped her become the most decorated female runner in the school’s history.

In 2017, during her first Boston Marathon, Jordan finished third with a time of 2:23:00 and set the record for the fastest debut by an American woman. She carried the momentum to the 2017 Chicago Marathon, where she finished in third place again, running a personal best with a time of 2:20:57.

At only 27, Jordan has an exciting career ahead

“I have always believed that running is the best metaphor for life. There are so many ups and downs, and I've come to learn that the most important part is the journey, not necessarily the final destination.

The ups and downs I've gone through during my running career have taught me to enjoy the struggle, to simply live in the moment, and to always give my best because ultimately that's all anyone can do.”

To Jordan – and to everyone else planning to run the Boston Marathon – Thorne wishes you good luck as you compete in not only one of the world’s oldest, but one of the most challenging of races.

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