With outside sports on indefinite hold, people are getting creative when it comes to staying active during social distancing. To get an idea of how Team Penske stays in rhythm and stays fit, we asked the team what their quarantine strategies look like.

Jon Rowan, Director of Sports Performance at Team Penske, Matt Meadows, sportscar pit crew member and mechanic for the #6 Acura Team Penske Sportscar, and Chris Conklin, Fueler for the #12 car driven by Ryan Blaney, each took the time to share how they are adapting during the pandemic.

No Gym? No problem.

“We use technologies like Zoom and Google Hangouts to bring the team together for bodyweight-based cardio and mobility workouts,” Jon explained. For Jon and the others, technology helps tremendously.

“At one point, we would have just sent workouts to the team. However, with better technology we now get them together virtually for a more interactive feel,” he said. “We also integrate heart rate monitors to get an accurate assessment of their effort level in real time.”

Because the team lacks access to their regular gym and equipment, Team Penske has gotten creative.

“We incorporate our Penske backpacks loaded with household items like bricks, soup cans, and other weighted implements. This allows us to continue strength training without needing traditional weighted equipment,” Jon said. “You can perform almost any movement with a weighted backpack, and as long as the range of motion is consistent, you’ll get something out of it.”

Matt Meadow, who works in Team Penske’s sportscar shop as a mechanic and pit crew member, finds these unorthodox workouts rather enjoyable.

Being at home without a gym is kind of fun. I’ve gotten creative with workouts and locations around my house. The garage, the back porch, a run around the yard and such. It has also been a great time to get some good miles in on my road bike – I've got great tan lines,” he said.

“I’ve been doing the annual work chores, which I'm sure many people have. That being said, I have a large heavy ladder that has been a great piece to workout with – for core stability, overhead squats, front squats, and shoulder press. It’s only about 35 pounds, but its size makes it a challenge. I also have a set of cinder blocks that come in handy.”

Chris Conklin is no stranger to a grueling workout, even when it might be a little unconventional. Having spent time as a former college football player, and 10 years as one of the best jack men on NASCAR pit road, Chris doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

“We have a daily workout given to us from Jon. I borrowed equipment from a couple of different gyms and turned my garage into a small workout area,” Chris told us.

And he notes that his routines have gotten innovative.

“I use numerous things around the house for workout equipment now. I use cinder blocks, lounge chairs for split squats, buckets filled with sand or water,” he said. “But the best equipment I use has been my children.”

Getting the Essentials

One thing Jon stressed is the importance of the team keeping up their nutrition protocols – especially after a challenging workout routine.

“All of my guys take a daily multi and a probiotic. There are a few who we’re concerned about support for their immune function, so we put them on Thorne’s Liquid Vitamin D and Myco-Immune,*” Jon said.

The team is also making sure to get their post-workout protein.

“I’ve been on a routine of Super EPA, Glucosamine & Chondroitin, and a men’s multi. I regularly use the Whey Protein and RecoveryPro after a hard day. The one thing I have added is some melatonin to help me stay on a good sleeping schedule* so I don’t stay up all night and sleep all day,” Matt said of his routine.

And for Chris, his routine is largely the same as it was during his normal gym routines.

“That would include Thorne’s Multi-Vitamin Elite, Glucosamine & Chondroitin, Meriva, Vitamin D, Super EPA, Whey Protein, MediBolic, and RecoveryPro,” he told us.

Eating Healthy While Sheltering at Home

As many of us know, it’s hard to keep up a healthy diet when we’re quarantined inside around our favorite comfort foods. So we asked Team Penske for their advice and for some foods they simply can’t live without.

“Anytime I get behind and need a quick pick-me-up, I mix one scoop of Thorne’s Vanilla Whey Protein with two scoops of MediBolic. I have been known to throw an essential greens powder on top for good measure. I'm a huge fan of the cinnamon flavor in the MediBolic,” Jon said.

Matt and Chris are also on a smoothie kick – opting for Thorne’s Vanilla Whey Protein and some fruit for a quick smoothie.

“My wife and youngest daughter drink a shake almost every morning for breakfast. It’s coconut milk with Vanilla Whey Protein, honey, frozen berries (blueberries, blackberries, or strawberries), a pinch of cinnamon, and occasionally a banana,” Chris explained.

What about favorite comfort foods?

Jon: “Mushrooms, whether it’s Lions Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, or a Shiitake blend. Not only are they great for your immune system, but also Cordyceps for energy, Lions Mane is a great nootropic, and Reishi for sleep.”

Matt: “Pizza, Pizza, Pizza.”

Chris: “Eggs ... I can’ go two days without some eggs. Sometimes I’ll eat two meals consisting of eggs. That and a close second is oatmeal.”

On Finding Quiet Time During Quarantine 

Beyond their intense workout routines, there has also been plenty of down time at home. We asked Jon, Matt, and Chris what they are doing to keep busy, and if they had any recommendations to help pass the time.

“Right now, I am principal Dad. My kids are homeschooling, and in addition to their virtual learning, we are incorporating French, Spanish, and Greek into the learning plan. In addition, we have expanded our garden,” said Jon. “I've also caught up on my reading list. I just finished Rare, Medium, Or Well-Done by Mike Huckabee."

"I wasn't sure about it when I first picked it out, but after finishing it, I now wish I knew more about him when he ran for office because I probably would have voted for him. I’m a bit of a nerd, so I get hooked on documentaries. I just finished The Redeemed and the Dominant, which digs deep into the world of CrossFit, both scandal and success. Definitely a must-see.”

“I have been really enjoying the time home,” Matt said. “The house projects have gotten done much faster, and luckily I had everything here already that I needed. My wife is due with our first child in five weeks so this time with her and most likely with our newborn (the way things are going) is a blessing." 

"Also been playing a good amount of Xbox and riding my bike, and some good front-porch sitting. Call of Duty has been the game of choice along with some other racing games. Tiger King was awesome, and we just finished watching all the Marvel movies in chronological order. Highly recommend that. We’re going to start watching the Star Wars movies next. As for books, they’ve mostly been new dad books and getting prepared for the baby!”

And for Chris, quarantine has allowed for some much-needed unpacking.

“We just moved into a new house, so I’ve been spending time getting it organized and livable,” Chris told us. “Mostly that and spending time with my family.”

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An important note: No dietary supplement can diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, including COVID-19. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is especially important to understand that no dietary supplement, no diet, and no lifestyle modifications – other than the recommended social distancing and hygiene practices – can prevent you from being infected with the COVID-19 virus. No current research supports the use of any dietary supplement to protect you from being infected with the COVID-19 virus.