For far too long, aging has been misunderstood and misrepresented. For many, aging is simply thought of as aching joints and graying hair, and the so-called “anti-aging” market caters to concealing and covering up our battle against time. But what if there is another way? What if we could embrace aging for the incredible journey that it is?

More importantly, what if you had the tools to make aging the best journey possible – to feel as good at 65 as you did at 25?

At Thorne, we believe it’s possible. With the launch of our Redefining Healthy Aging campaign, we want to welcome you to the new era of aging. Join us on a journey to redefine how good you can feel at any age. Watch Redefining Healthy Aging.

Looking at Aging Through a New Lens

Aging is, of course, inevitable, but how well you age can be something you control.

“Aging is a process of damage that occurs in our body over time and is the number one risk factor for almost every chronic disease,” says Dr. Nathan Price, Thorne HealthTech’s Chief Science Officer. “As we age, the likelihood of developing adverse health conditions increases. Healthy aging means we can extend our health span – the time that our life is vibrant and healthy – and make the transition toward disease less likely.”

“Aging is commonly thought of as just the passage of time,” Dr. Price continues. “And while none of us can change the number of times we’ve gone around the sun, we can affect the rate of aging in our body: what is called biological age rather than chronological age.  The rate of physical decline experienced over time varies greatly from person to person, and that rate is not inevitable. We can take proactive measures to lengthen our health span and age more healthily.”

It starts by thinking of age differently, by separating our chronological years from our biological years – i.e., how old your body behaves at the cellular level. Aging is a process that doesn’t simply happen overnight. We get older from the moment we’re born. Yet traditionally, the aging journey looks different for each of us. Biological age can explain why.

By looking at age through the lens of one’s biological age, we can now understand why two individuals of the same age can have profoundly different capabilities and health experience – why some can run marathons and scale mountains, while others are riddled with adverse health conditions and greatly limited in their quality of life. Environmental exposures, dietary habits, exercise, physical or mental health issues, chronological age, genetics, and even social stimulation can affect the “age” of your cells. Your biological age is determined by how much “damage” your body accumulates over time.

The good news is that many of the factors that shape our biological clock are within our control. By using science, personalized insights, and the most innovative solutions for health, we now have the power to shape the way our body thrives, adapts, and rebuilds.

With Thorne’s Redefining Healthy Aging Campaign, we want to let the world know that aging is a process we needn’t passively accept. It’s now a process we can actively control.

The Future of Healthy Aging is Here

We know that everyone’s journey is different, and, when it comes to aging, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why Thorne is empowering individuals to take control of their biological clock with a suite of personalized healthy aging solutions. It starts with the unparalleled insights harnessed from Thorne’s Biological Age Test.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning on Thorne’s biological database, Thorne's Biological Age Test addresses questions such as:

  1. Is my body aging faster or slower than my chronological age?
  2. Which system or organ should I be paying the closest attention to?
  3. How does my rate of aging compare to other individuals?

Your test results will guide the recommendations that are designed to optimize your wellness, minimize your biological age, and reduce your risk for common chronic disease conditions as reflected in the clinically validated measures. Personalized actionability is at the heart of the Biological Age test.

Thorne is also advancing the field of healthy aging through the development of several groundbreaking nutritional supplement formulas.

“We believe that Thorne has the widest breadth of products on the market today for precision healthy aging that span a wide range of what scientists refer to as the ‘Hallmarks of Aging’,” Dr. Price says. “These include products that have been shown to enhance cellular/DNA repair (ResveraCel and Niacel), improve metabolic markers (Berberine and Metabolic Health), clear out old (senescent) cells (Quercetin), and enhance skin vitality (Collagen with Nicotinamide Riboside).”

“Furthermore, Thorne combines a Test, Teach, and Transform approach that enables you to see the effects these products are having in your body and adjust as needed over time as your needs and goals change.”

Where Will Your Healthy Aging Journey Lead You?

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