It’s the time of year when we celebrate mothers. Which raises two important questions. The first is, “Why do we only celebrate mothers once a year?” The second is, “No really…why?”

With only one nationally designated day to honor Mom, the pressure is on. You can go with the usual kind of present – say, flowers or candy – and Mom will no doubt gush over it because, well, she’s your Mom. But in a few days the candy will be gone and the flowers will lose their bloom.

So how about something new this year? Something with lasting significance. Something that shows Mom you like having her around and that you care as much about her health and wellness as she cared (and still cares) about yours.

Thorne has nutritional supplements ideal for Moms of all ages. Package one or more of them with a card or note that tells Mom you’re looking out for her like she looked out for you. And then every day when she takes her supplement – like the ones below – she’ll be reminded how much you care.


Meta-Balance offers a woman a natural approach to managing the unpleasant aspects of menopause without the side effects or health issues associated with conventional hormone replacement therapy.*

Basic Bone Nutrients

Basic Bone Nutrients features four highly-researched nutrients essential for bone health, an issue of crucial importance to a woman as she ages.* The calcium and magnesium are optimally absorbed forms of these two important minerals.* And the vitamin D is free from the preservatives and lactose diluents used in the vitamin D products in many other brands; plus Basic Bone Nutrients features the most well-researched form of vitamin K2 available – MK-7.

melaton-3 bottle


Melaton-3 supports her restful sleep and helps maintain her normal circadian rhythms, especially because melatonin decreases naturally as your mom gets older.*

Basic Prenatal

Basic Prenatal is designed to be gentle and effective for a woman who is trying to conceive, is pregnant, or who is lactating, and it contains none of the additives found in mainstream prenatal supplements. Supplementing with a multi-vitamin/mineral formula before, during, and after pregnancy, particularly while breastfeeding, helps produce a healthy baby and benefits the mother.*

stress b-complex bottle

Stress B-Complex

Stress B-Complex is a complete complex of B vitamins with extra vitamin B5, giving a woman the support she needs for healthy adrenal and immune function.*


Meta-Fem® is a comprehensive multi-vitamin and mineral supplement formulated specifically for women older than 40. Taken daily, Meta-Fem provides peri- or postmenopausal support for the maintenance of healthy bones and normally occurring hormonal changes.*

flora mend prime probiotic bottle

FloraMend Prime Probiotic®

FloraMend Prime Probiotic® is a proprietary and stable probiotic blend that supports a woman’s gastrointestinal health and immunity.*

MediClear-SGS Chocolate

MediClear-SGS Chocolate is a chocolate-flavored rice and pea protein powder with a complete multi-vitamin/mineral profile and nutrients to support a woman during an elimination diet and detox program.*

d-5,000 bottle


D-5,000 contains 5,000 IUs of vitamin D per capsule. Vitamin D plays an important role throughout life, supporting healthy bones and muscles, cardiovascular function, and immune function, and it is especially important for women.*


MediBolic® is a rice and pea protein-based nutritional supplement with added soluble fiber, a complete multi-vitamin/mineral complex, and additional unique botanicals and nutrients for weight and metabolic support.*

Fertility Test

Looking to become a new mother? Thorne's Fertility Test is an at-home blood and saliva test provides insights by measuring a woman’s reproductive hormones, thyroid function, and stress responses

Thorne also has supplements formulated for athlete moms, moms who travel on business, and more. Browse all Thorne products.