A competitive spirit is second nature for tennis star CoCo Vandeweghe. In fact, it runs in her family. Her mother is an Olympic swimmer, and her grandfather and uncle both played in the NBA.

With a supportive family deeply rooted in athletics, it’s only natural that CoCo would pursue her own path toward excellence. At the age of 11, CoCo joined her older brother, Beau, to take tennis lessons.

“My mom always said to me, if I wasn’t doing homework, then I should be outside playing, and I hated doing homework, so naturally I found myself outside playing with my older brother.”

CoCo developed her talent and embarked on her tennis career — one filled with numerous titles and accolades. Just five years after she started taking lessons, CoCo won the U.S. Open Juniors at age 16.

She has gone on to win two WTA singles titles, cracking the top 10 in 2017, and more recently winning the 2018 US Open doubles championship.

CoCo’s competitive nature makes her a perfect match for Thorne 

CoCo’s commitment to improving her game led her to partner with Thorne. She’s motivated by perfection. And so is Thorne. Our goal is to provide athletes with products that are free from unnecessary binders, fillers, flowing agents, and anything that stands in the way of peak performance. 

“The proof is in the pudding. Ever since I started using Thorne, my game has evolved,” CoCo said.

“Anything performance-related, I can’t succeed or get to where I want to be without Thorne. Thorne is everywhere; it’s a 360-degree solution.”

CoCo first discovered Thorne products in 2015 while training with her sports dietitian, Paige Crawford.

“I train, and I’m a part of EXOS, and EXOS introduced me to Thorne products a couple of years ago,” CoCo explained. “I’ve used Amino Complex, Catalyte and their whey protein for years now. I consider Thorne part of Team Vandeweghe.”

CoCo’s committed to a successful year 

Nothing keeps CoCo off the court. Despite injuries and illness that hindered her in 2018, she is committed to coming back to the tennis court better than ever. 

“This year [2018] was a challenging year for me because of injuries. I started off 2018 sick in Melbourne after reaching the quarterfinals there the year before, which didn’t get my team and myself off to the best start,” she said.

“I rolled my ankle in Wimbledon and to be completely honest, it hadn’t fully recovered as quickly as we would have liked it too, which put a damper on the rest of my hard-court season. My goals for 2019 are to remain healthy, have fun on the court, and hopefully win more matches. I want to focus on staying consistent throughout the year and playing a high level of tennis. Winning my first-career singles Grand Slam would be nice as well.”

With 2018 behind her, CoCo is prepared to take her game to the next level. But when it comes to playing tennis at such an elite level, it requires more than just careful planning.

CoCo’s performance dietician, Paige, told us how they enhance training and recovery by using Thorne’s biomarker testing. 

“Thorne has helped us understand how CoCo is responding to her programming with very thorough blood work. We can assume quite a bit from the feedback we see from the outside, but it is awesome to see how that affects her biomarkers so we can further individualize her program from there, as well,” she said.

CoCo’s supplement routine — based on her training and biometric data — is designed to support her foundational nutrition needs, promote performance, and boost recovery.*

Foundational supplements, such as Multi-Vitamin Elite, and Super EPA — a fish oil — cover her bases, while Catalyte supports her hydration throughout the day.* 

Beta-alanine supports her training and competition, while amino acids and whey protein aid in muscle repair and recovery.* When it comes to personal preferences, CoCo is a fan of her protein shakes and smoothies.

“Banana, almond butter, and some greens if I have the time. If not, I’ll just use a Thorne shaker and mix it with some water,” she said when asked about her go-to whey protein recipe. When amino acids are required over whey protein, CoCo opts for Thorne’s Amino Complex.

Paige explains how Amino Complex, along with Catalyte, help CoCo prepare for a match:

“CoCo has done well drinking Amino Complex right before training or tennis, as well as during tennis if a match lasts longer than 120 minutes — and consuming Catalyte strategically both pre-, during, and post-training (she has a high sweat rate) and as a part of her daily protocol, especially while leading up to and during a tournament.”

Most comprehensive NSF Certified for Sport® line

NSF certification means Thorne supplements meet the toughest standards for purity and safety. Twelve U.S. National Teams trust Thorne as their exclusive nutritional supplement supplier.

So do CoCo Vandeweghe and her trainers. For athletes or anyone looking for unquestionable performance and the highest-quality ingredients, Thorne stands ahead of the competition.