As a practicing clinician, my goal is to help my patients achieve their optimal health. Preventing chronic disease and promoting wellness are both critical components of optimizing health, and exactly why I began working with Thorne five years ago.

Thorne’s priority has always been people – both patients and providers. With its scientific approach, every Thorne product and solution is backed by medical evidence.  Thorne’s focus on people and science goes as far as frequently recommending lifestyle changes before supplements—diet, exercise, stress reduction, etc.—even if those recommendations don’t help the Thorne’s bottom line.  The goal is to make people healthier, however possible.

Being a part of the Thorne team for the past five years – as the company has innovated and expanded into new depths of understanding optimizing wellness and athletic performance – has been exciting as a clinician. In recent years, Thorne has become the go-to company for precision medicine. Thorne has not only collaborated with Mayo Clinic to conduct clinical trials on myriad chronic disease end-points, but also partnered with U.S. National Teams in 12 sports to promote new discoveries in the field of sports medicine.  

At Thorne, we are constantly striving to improve health by best understanding needs, both scientifically and personally. The next level of this evolution is the January launch of Thorne’s suite of at-home health tests. These tests are much more than the latest in a long series of important Thorne innovations--Thorne is revolutionizing wellness.

1. Convenience 

Health care is moving to the home, with no surprise that individuals want to manage their health care at home the same way they manage everything else – online.

That is why Thorne has launched 10 at-home health tests for Thyroid, Stress, Sleep, Heavy Metals, Fertility, Testosterone, Weight Management, Vitamin D, Heart Health, and Menopause. With just a few drops of blood, a little saliva, or a small sample of urine, you can better understand your body and your health. Now you can skip going to the doctor’s office or to a lab to have your blood drawn, and instead perform the test from home on your own time. Convenient, simple, and fast. You will receive your results and evidence-based recommendations the same way you ordered the test – online.

Not only are Thorne’s tests more convenient, they’re also more useful.

Traditional lab report

Thorne test results

2. Easy-to-Understand Results

The typical test results from a lab usually come in multiple pages of mind-numbing black-and-white print outs, filled with technical terms and numbers that aren’t easily understood. Now, Thorne’s state-of-the-art digital display dashboard marks a significant departure from the old way traditional lab results have been displayed.  

Thorne presents your results in simple and easy-to-follow visuals. By collaborating with the Mayo Clinic, one of the most trusted names in health, we’re able to complement this beautiful and simplified display with explanations that enable you to readily understand what the results mean to provide this online content.

Because you receive your results online, you can securely access and review the results anytime, anywhere. There is no need to call your doctor’s office to gain access to your results, or to ask for help understanding them.

3. Meaningful Insights

Studies show that seven out of ten U.S. adults go into an annual physical healthy, and come out healthy. That’s a good thing, but with Thorne home-tests you can get insights from test results, even when the results don’t show a health issue. The Thorne dashboard helps you spot trends and areas of possible future concern.

Thorne does not only provide meaningful information and context for each biomarker – we also provide meaningful insights about your overall results. Whether how low-normal thyroid function can put you at risk for the symptoms of an underactive thyroid, or what it means to test above normal limits for a particular heavy metal, we want to ensure you get value from your test results and understand their implications. Thorne also points out when it is important for you to consult your physician. If you do not have a physician, Thorne helps you find the right physician on our website through our large network of health-care practitioners.

4. Personalized Recommendations

Thorne doesn’t just stop after telling you about a potential health or wellness risk. Thorne is the first and only company to provide a comprehensive personalized plan based on your at-home test biomarker results. Your personal plan is created to address potential health concerns by suggesting what to eat, how to exercise, and whether you should add supplements to your regime.

The process starts with gaining information about you, your environment, and your lifestyle to fully understand what set of risk factors might be contributing to your symptoms. Thorne then personalizes your wellness recommendations with the help of medically-supervised, proprietary algorithms, which correlate millions of data points. These algorithms have been developed by Thorne’s science and medical team comprised of MDs, PhDs, NDs, and RDs – many of whom are leaders in their fields from gut health and sports medicine to pharmacology and metabolomics.

By combining the knowledge from decades of medical and scientific literature, Thorne’s extensive history in wellness and athletics, and the results of your individual biomarkers and lifestyle information, we are able to make evidence-based recommendations to improve your health and performance.

Thorne’s algorithmic model supports millions of unique combinations of personal data points, which can facilitate personalization on an unprecedented scale. As Thorne collects more data, we will correlate these data points from biomarker results over time to further optimize your personalization plan. This will enable Thorne to even more closely tailor our evidence-based health recommendations to your specific health and wellness goals.

5. Validation through Retesting

Thorne believes in data and scientific evidence, whether it’s collected on a large scale through trials at Mayo Clinic, or on a small scale from testing your body’s blood chemistry. Thorne has invested millions of dollars on many clinical studies with multiple premiere medical and research institutions around the world. So you can be sure that, unlike most retail supplement brands that offer little proof of efficacy, Thorne supplements have been thoroughly studied for safety and efficacy.

Through follow-up testing Thorne furthermore validates the effectiveness of its products by ensuring whatever change you made had the intended effect.

Don’t settle for yesterday’s technology. Thanks to Thorne, there’s a revolution going on in health and wellness. I’m a part of it, and you can be too.

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