Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle all the time can be hard. In our modern lives, with busy work schedules, eating on the go, late nights, and other not-so-healthy lifestyle factors, healthy habits are often put on the back burner. It’s why so many of us turn to nutritional supplements for extra support.

However, whether it’s for foundational health, reaching a fitness goal, or improving a targeted health concern, finding the right vitamins or other nutritional supplements to take can be daunting.

Walk through any grocery store aisle and you’ll face the choice of hundreds of products. To make things more confusing, countless supplement companies are filling social media feeds to lure consumers with misleading advertising, bad science, or both.

This all leads to the important question so many of us have, “What should I take – and why?”

Here are three simple answers to that question.

Start with a supplement quiz

At Thorne, our science team takes a “one size does not fit all” approach. It’s why we often offer multiple choices for the “same” supplement – probiotics or fish oil, for example. To help you find the right form of the nutrients you need, our medical team has created Thorne’s product quizzes.

These convenient quizzes enable you to quickly find the ideal formula by asking several questions about you and your lifestyle. Whether you’re feeling tired, stressed, or simply wanting to support a healthy foundation, Thorne has more than 10 product quizzes to help you reach your goal. Explore your options for skin health, healthy aging, and multi-vitamins, or take a look at a few of our most popular quizzes below:

  1. Probiotics Quiz
  2. Immune Quiz
  3. Stress Support Quiz

Consider your health goals

Your supplement regimen can change depending on your specific short-term and long-term health goals. Let’s say you’re prepping for a marathon and want the nutrients that will optimize your training, or you’ve been having trouble sleeping and want some natural support – that’s where a pre-built supplement bundle comes in.

Thorne offers a variety of supplement bundles, tailored for specific health and fitness goals. Think of a supplement bundle as a strategic combination of nutrients that work better together for reaching a specific goal.

Each bundle has been curated by our medical experts, and is a convenient way to supplement for age, health condition, or specific fitness goal. For example, our Weight Management Bundle is designed for someone looking to make managing their waistline a little easier. This bundle combines three supplements – a high quality fish oil, a daily probiotic, and a high fiber multi-vitamin/mineral powder that increases satiety (the feeling of fullness) and promotes optimal metabolism and gut health.* In addition, Thorne offers a Weight Management Program guide that offers diet and lifestyle support along with these three supplements to help you meet your weight goals.

The best part? When you take advantage of our supplement synergy, you’ll benefit from savings because when you purchase the products as a bundle, you save 10 percent. Take a look through Thorne’s 20+ pre-built bundles and find the right one for your health and wellness goal.

Get science-backed supplement recommendations with a health test

As we age, our diet, fitness level, and health goals change. A woman thinking about starting a family has different nutrient needs, such as increased folate and iron, than a woman who has three children and is looking for help with managing her stress level and energy level.

That’s where Thorne personal health testing comes in. One of our at-home health tests will give you an accurate portrait of what your body needs at any given stage of your life, with a personal improvement plan to help you achieve your goal. Not only do our at-home health tests provide science-backed recommendations for which nutritional supplements are best for you, they also provide recommended diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to help you better reach your goal.

From a test that identifies a single nutrient deficiency to a test that provides a multi-dimensional analysis of your gut microbiome, Thorne’s health tests measure your individual biomarkers to identify potential health risks and specific areas of improvement.

For example, Thorne’s Stress Test, which will be mailed to your door, identifies specific biomarker levels by collecting four saliva samples over the course of a single day. These samples are sent to a specialized lab that measures the primary stress hormones in your body, with the results being reviewed by a licensed physician. In several days, you’ll receive an email with your personal results.

Want an in-depth, step-by-step walkthrough of how simple it is? Read Elizabeth’s experience with our Stress Test to see how easy it is to take control of your health. 

From measuring your thyroid hormones to a comprehensive analysis of the factors affecting your metabolism, Thorne offers several health tests so you can tackle the most common health concerns and get the answers and insights you need. See our bestsellers here.