Stress Test

Walk through the process of reviewing test results and personalized recommendations
Meet Elizabeth

This is Elizabeth. She's a working mom with two children under the age of six. With everything Elizabeth has to do each day, it's no wonder she often feels stressed. And what Elizabeth wanted to know is whether some of the health and wellbeing issues she is struggling with are stress-related. That's why Elizabeth ordered a Thorne Stress Test.


"With two young kids, I can expect to feel tired most of the time. But recently I'm not feeling my best, I've gotten sick twice in the past year, and at work I find it harder to focus. I think it's a fair question to ask if some of these things are related to stress."

Buying a test

"Instead of just asking myself if stress is becoming a problem, I decided to do something about it. So an at-home stress test seemed like a good first step, not to mention stress-free, which is why I purchased a stress test from Thorne."

Health profile

"My test kit arrived in two days. I went on, where I activated my test and completed a personal health profile. I was relieved to see the profile had check boxes for the symptoms I was experiencing."

Collect and send

"It's easy to collect the saliva samples and send them back, and Thorne sent me an email as soon as my test results were ready to look at."