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An estimated 75% of American adults don't get the FDA's daily recommended intake of magneisum. That's a problem when you relaize your body needs magneisum for more than 600 enzymatic reactions.

Extra Nutrients has an upgraded multi profile plus the addition of several nutrients to support healthy aging and eye health.* Now with more calcium and magnesium, MK7, twice the vitamin D, and more.

Explore All Thorne's Magnesium Formulas

Magnesium An essential mineral your body needs. SHOP NOW Why we need magnesium The mineral magnesium is crucial for the body to function properly because magnesium is involved in more than 600 of t...

What makes Multi-Vitamin Elite unique?

Multi-Vitamin Elite For the elite athlete in everyone. SHOP NOW A.M. formula for energy* P.M. formula for recovery* Multi-Vitamin Elite consists of two complementary formulas that support high-perf...

See How Catalyte Stacks Up Against the Bottled Brands

Catalyte® The Catalyte formula contains vitamin, minerals, and D-ribose that when mixed with water makes a drinkable electrolyte supplement. SHOP NOW U.S. National Teams Trust Our Supplements Hydra...

What is Heavy Metal Toxicity and How Does It Affect Me?

Heavy Metals Test Are you toxic? Find out the levels of heavy metals and essential minerals in your body. SHOP NOW What are heavy metals? Heavy metals are natural elements found in the earth's crus...

Quality: No Standard Higher

Quality No Standard Higher Sourcing exceptional ingredients Manufacturing the right way Test, test, test, test again Thinking sustainably When the highest standards have been met, Thorne creates hi...

"No" List

The Thorne "No" List Unacceptable ingredients for nutritional supplements We are committed to formulating and manufacturing nutritional supplements that are 100% clean. At Thorne, clean describes s...