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Thorne HealthTech’s At-Home Blood Sampling Device – NanoDrop – Earns CE Mark Certification in the European Union

NEW YORK, June 15, 2023 - Thorne HealthTech, Inc. ("Thorne") (NASDAQ: THRN), a leader in delivering innovative solutions for a personalized approach to health and wellness, announced today that its NanoDrop device has received a CE (Conformite Europeenne) Mark certification and has successfully fulfilled the European Union’s relevant performance, safety, and product requirements.

NanoDrop expands Thorne’s line of innovative health-care solutions, bringing virtually painless blood collection to decentralized clinical trials and at-home diagnostic testing. The clinical-grade device uses Thorne’s novel dual nano lancet technology to obtain capillary whole-blood samples. Although this technology is already integrated into Thorne’s OneDraw blood collection system, NanoDrop’s CE mark certification makes way for new testing applications by allowing individuals to use the device in their home.

“Technology has always been a core component of Thorne’s offerings, from our health tests to OneDraw and everything in between,” said Paul Jacobson, CEO of Thorne HealthTech. “We consistently continue to find ways to improve the blood draw experience, and with the dual nano lancet technology being a key part of the blood collection process, we look forward to making NanoDrop available across the European Union, which will allow more customers to experience and benefit from it. We believe this incremental news, combined with prior OneDraw clearance in Japan, puts Thorne one step closer to achieving broad application across end-markets around the globe.”

“The NanoDrop offers companies the opportunity to integrate our tried-and-true dual lancet technology into a much broader array of testing and sample collection applications by making for seamless integration and a better user experience,” said Jerome Scelza, Co-CEO of Drawbridge Health. “We specifically wanted to ensure the broadest population of individuals had access to our industry leading, near painless, and non-invasive technology. We’ve seen a huge influx of remote testing demand and we are making a big push to deploy solutions that will support our own customers, as well as our great partners building the health care of tomorrow. We expect NanoDrop to kick off OneDraw’s expansion into a full suite of products and solutions that leverage our unrivaled science and engineering.”

About Thorne HealthTech:

Thorne HealthTech is a leader in developing innovative solutions for delivering personalized approaches to health and wellness. As a science-driven wellness company that empowers individuals with the support, education, and solutions they need to achieve healthy aging – living healthier longer – Thorne utilizes testing and data to create improved product efficacy and to deliver personalized solutions to consumers, health professionals, and corporations. Predicated on the power of the individual, Thorne leverages artificial intelligence models to provide insights and personalized data, products, and services that help individuals take a proactive and actionable approach to improve and maintain their health over a lifetime. Thorne is the only supplement manufacturer that collaborates with Mayo Clinic on health and wellness research and content, and is trusted by more than five million customers, 47,000+ health-care professionals, thousands of professional athletes, more than 100 professional sports teams, and multiple U.S. National Teams. For more information, visit

About Drawbridge Health

Drawbridge Health is a healthcare technology company focused on reinventing the blood draw experience, enabling comfortable convenient blood sample collection anytime and anywhere. By integrating engineering, chemistries, and modular design, Drawbridge Health has developed a people-friendly system for collecting and stabilizing blood samples, opening new doors to enable access to important health information. For more information, please visit



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