Online Dispensing Agreement

Online Dispensing Agreements

For Online Dispensing Customers in Canada

Naturopathic health professionals in Canada are governed by provincial/territorial/state regulatory authorities, and may be subject to licensure or membership requirements of naturopathic associations or colleges. It is your responsibility to ensure that your participation in Thorne’s Online Dispensary is in accordance with the regulations, codes of conduct, standards of practice, or rules of ethics relating to your professional licensing obligations.

  1. A Thorne Online Dispensing Customer – by giving his or her unique Referral Code to a patient – is providing approval for the patient to purchase Thorne products directly from Thorne. The patient is authorized to order Thorne products either directly from the Thorne website or by calling Thorne's Customer Service Department. Alternatively, a patient can look up by “Last Name” a Thorne professional-customer's unique Referral Code during the patient’s account sign-up.
  2. Patients can purchase Thorne products at the retail prices listed on the Thorne website or on the current Patient Order Form. Thorne will drop-ship the products purchased by the patient to the shipping address provided by the patient.
  3. For a patient who orders Thorne products and identifies his or her Online Dispensing professional by name or unique Referral Code, the professional will receive a cash rebate of the difference between the product's wholesale price listed on the current Professional Order Form and the product's retail price listed on the Thorne website, net of fees and discounts.
  4. If a cash rebate balance exceeds $100 at the end of any given month, then the cash rebate check will be processed at the end of the following month. If a cash rebate balance is less than $100, then the cash balance will continue to accumulate and will be issued in whichever following month the accumulated cash balance is greater than $100.
  5. Please note that any discounts from retail pricing that either the professional-customer or Thorne might choose to provide to patients will be deducted from the cash rebate balance.
  6. A platform fee will be deducted from the cash rebate balance. This fee will be calculated as fifteen percent (15%) of the wholesale price for each transaction. If the platform fee is greater than the calculated rebate for a given transaction, then no rebate will be paid.
  7. Thorne reserves the right, in its discretion, at any time and without notice, to terminate this Online Dispensing Agreement or to refuse to drop-ship Thorne products to a patient. The exercise of this right will not affect the status of a cash rebate due and payable to the professional-customer.

Note: Ordering U.S. Products
Thorne products that are not licensed as Natural Health Products in Canada may only be ordered and drop-shipped in personal use quantities to Canadian patients:

  1. Patients who are Canadian residents and have a Canadian mailing address may only order a 90-day supply – for personal use only – of Thorne products listed on the Canadian Drop-Ship Order Form.
  2. The Canadian Drop-Ship Order Form must be completed in its entirety on all first orders. Subsequent re-orders may be placed by telephone or email.
  3. Restricted products will require a written prescription prior to shipping.
  4. Orders are shipped via International First-Class Mail. Allow up to three weeks for delivery.
  5. Patients are responsible for GST, duty, and applicable taxes.
Effective Date: September 1, 2023