Professional Statement

My specialties of sustainable weight loss, anti-aging and hormonal balance are informed by a doctorate and board certification obtained in Naturopathic Medicine, as well a Fellowship in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine, an Advanced Fellowship in Functional Medicine I view one's hormonal portfolio, wellness lifestyle skills, nutrient status and genomic blueprint as a foundation of health, prioritizing the profound role that hormones play in mood, cognitive function, metabolism, weight, cardiovascular health and sexuality. I support healing by addressing the many facets of metabolic function, from the mitochondria to the microbiome. Because female hormones fluctuate throughout the month, so do her neuronal circuits. A woman may unnecessarily spend much of her life in hormonal dysregulation or deficiency, impacting her quality of life. Distinct components of a woman’s brain are neuroanotomically different from a man’s brain. Psychobiology research has shown that surges in the female hormones progesterone and estradiol cause women to have altered sensitivity to stressors (using biomarkers such as cortisol to indicate stressors). Estrogen and progesterone continuously modulate the brain’s stress response. Low levels of estradiol and progesterone have been correlated with lower levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter most renowned for its effects on a pleasant mood, but it also supports sustained focus and attention. I view a woman’s brain, neurological function and emotional poise as a composite of the hormone-nutrient-neurotransmitter interface. Functional medicine is really an outgrowth of naturopathic medicine, appreciating a systems-biology paradigm towards an individual’s unique state of health and disease. I have integrated a multiciplicity of complex systems into my clinic in a way that honors the distinct individual of those with whom I have the honour of supporting through my clinical practice. There are functional interventions to clinically impact the oxidative stress that drives inflammatory processes and neurodegenerative diseases. I attempt to further customize these approaches based on the patient’s genetics, diet, lifestyle and economic situation, based on best standards of care. I devote a considerable amount of time to staying abreast of emerging research in the fields of medicine, particularly in the areas of hormones, medical genomics, nutritional medicine and psychoneuroendocrinology. The contributions of science can be synergized by applying new information to multiple areas of wellness. This is the spirit of integrative medicine. I also believe its profoundly important to promote relationships with health care workers across the provider-spectrum, so that the patient does not have to feel like they are forced into an ultimatum of the ‘naturopathic route OR the conventional route’ of yesterday. We all need and help one another. I try to foster relationships with the patient’s medical doctors whenever possible, and I am happy to send scientific literature with my patients to share with their doctors about the work we are doing. Prior to working as a naturopathic physician, I worked internationally as a chef and trained fellow spa chefs, doctors and their patients in the art of creating truly healing, nourishing cuisine and the related lifestyle and culinary skills that this merits. This brought me to learn from, and teach within, wellness resorts including Hippocrates of the East, The Farm at San Benito, Mandala Spa, Byron Bay, and privately owned resorts in Tuscany and Devon. I partake in many aspects of self-quantification (such as biofeedback, neurofeedback, functional med labs) as a means of hobby and self-insight, and ensure that my life is peppered with play with my animals, for as we advance technologicaly as a species, I believe that the role Nature plays in our lives becomes ever-more essential.


Hormonal Health, Feminine Medicine, Womens Health, Mental Health


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Naturopathic Doctor (ND)