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New look. Same formulas.

You probably noticed our new website, new logo, and new product labels. While our looks may have changed, our commitment to science and quality products remains untouched. Every product is still manufactured with the highest quality and safety standards in the world and still contains the exact same formula as before.

Please note that during the transition you might receive products with the former label as well as the new label. In every case, however, all of our products, regardless of label, are shipped with the maximum shelf-life in mind.

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Athletic Performance

5% fluid loss

of body weight decreases the body’s capacity to do work by 30%  

10-12 hours

of sleep is commonly cited by professional athletes, such as LeBron James and Roger Federer, as the optimal amount needed to perform

270 substances

are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency are tested for by NSF