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What is Effusio?
World-class ingredients - complemented with a sustainable solution - that turns any beverage into a drinkable supplement.
Experience the evolution of functional beverages with Effusio - an entirely new way to achieve optimal health. Effusio uses the innovation, quality, purity, and potency standards of Thorne supplements to make a dissolvable, nutrient-rich disc that turns any liquid into a functional beverage.
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Nutrients, Uncapped.
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Dropping early 2021
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The proactive formula for any pro.
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Enhance your movement with ease.
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No sugar, no complaint mornings start with better vitamins.
The Effusio disc
A dissolvable beverage disc that delivers your daily nutrients more effectively
By incorporating researched-backed nutrients, Effusio's ingeniously designed dissolvable discs support your daily health concerns by maintaining a healthy gut, by promoting restful sleep, and by enhancing the functions of your immune system.*
Dissolves fast, absorbs better
Simply drop one of our discs in your beverage of choice and watch as it dissolves - infusing the liquid with nutritional support from readily absorbed vitamins, minerals, and botanicals.*
Effusio gives a healthy boost to even a simple glass of water.* With a passion for keeping you - as well as the planet - as healthy as possible, Effusio is a revolutionary and sustainable health solution. With zero unnecessary ingredients and packaging - reimagine and enhance the way you hydrate with Effusio.
Drop disc in drink
Relax while disc effuses
Stir and enjoy
Sourcing exceptional ingredients
We develop better standards for higher quality ingredients
Effusio cares deeply about where our ingredients come from. We partner only with suppliers whose practices emphasize quality, science, and responsibility. Better ingredients means better potency, absorption, and digestibility – and ultimately better health.
Our formulas are designed to deliver the most absorbable forms of nutrients. More
Clinical Research
We only use ingredients that have been validated by clinical research to be safe and effective for their intended use. More
We test and formulate products with careful consideration for allergens and sensitivities. More
Why Our Supply Chain Is Different
Our packaging is plastic free and greatly reduces need for water by cutting out shipping water, and lowering fossil fuel use.

Effusio discs use 75% less CO2 emissions*
Water Mining:
Effusio discs use 1/3 of the water*
Other Greenhouse Gases:
Effusio disc production emits 53% less greenhouse gases*
Source: Independent Study by Industry-leading Sustainability Group, July 2020
*per 8oz. serving, compared to plastic bottle of competitor functional beverage
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