Easy-to-take nutrients formulated to fit your lifestyle
Meet the dissolvable supplement discs that deliver your daily nutrients, anywhere you go.
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Why dissolvable discs?
No hard to swallow pills. No sugar-filled gummies. No fuss. Thorne’s dissolvable supplement discs can turn even a simple glass of water into your next favorite health drink.
Simply drop one of our discs in your beverage of choice and watch as it dissolves - infusing the liquid with nutritional support from easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, and botanicals.* Toss it in your bag, bring it to the gym, or down it at the office – these dissolvable discs go wherever you go.
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Dissolves fast, absorbs better
Simply drop one of our discs in your beverage or certain foods like yogurt, applesauce, or oatmeal, and watch as it dissolves - infusing it with the highest-quality vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to meet your daily health goals.
With a passion for keeping you - as well as the planet - as healthy as possible, our breakthrough technology is a revolutionary and sustainable health solution.
Drop disc in drink or certain foods
Relax while disc dissolves
Stir and enjoy
Why our supply chain is different
Our packaging is plastic-free and greatly reduces need for water by cutting out shipping water, and lowering fossil fuel use.

Thorne's disc technology releases 75% less CO2 emissions*
Water Mining:
The discs use 1/3 of the water*
Other Greenhouse Gases:
Discs production emits 53% less greenhouse gases*
Source: Independent Study by Industry-leading Sustainability Group, July 2020
*per 8oz. serving, compared to plastic bottle of competitor functional beverage
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