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Busy lifestyles and demanding careers can make it difficult to incorporate healthy, nutrient-rich foods in our lives. A quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is good “dietary insurance” to ensure you are getting all the essential nutrients daily, particularly if you aren’t eating a balanced diet.  
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Multi-vitamins offer an excellent nutritional foundation and can be formulated for individuals with different needs. Whether you are looking for fewer capsules, a formula to support healthy aging, a gentle multi- to nourish mom and baby, or a multi- for your child, all of Thorne’s formulas are designed with nutrients the body can easily absorb*.
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We focus on ingredient quality because we believe that with better ingredients, we can formulate products for optimal absorption and potency.

Our formulas are designed to deliver the most absorbable forms of nutrients.

Because we manufacture many of our products in our own facility, we have total control over what goes into our products. We refuse to use ingredients that can inhibit absorption and quality.

With a variety of choices for every age and lifestyle, you can rest easy knowing your multi-vitamin can change with you as you age or experience a change in lifestyle.

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No matter what your health goals are, Thorne’s science-backed formulas can help. We use in-depth research, extensive nutrition knowledge, and a deep dedication to health and wellness to formulate the best multi-vitamins for a healthier, happier you.

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