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What is

An exclusive Thorne formula, EnteroMend, is a unique botanical and amino acid formula that helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract.*

EnteroMend soothes the GI tract's mucus membranes, maintains a healthy inflammatory response, and supports colonic permeability and bowel regularity.*

“I have reflux issues and don't like taking a lot of medication. Because I like taking natural products that will help address the issues, my physician referred me to Thorne to purchase EnteroMend. I found it to be good when taken every day.”

Ruby O, Customer

I have ulcerative colitis, and Thorne’s EnteroMend is one of the few supplements that I can tell makes a difference in my digestive health. I take it twice a day.

Annette H, Customer

EnteroMend was recommended to me as a good supplement to support digestion and regularity. I find that it does both of those things and I feel well overall when I use it consistently. I also like the flavor.

Lara D, Customer

I went to see a holistic nutritionist and she recommended EnteroMend, among other Thorne products. EnteroMend has made my symptoms and ailments much more manageable."

Norah M, Customer

Four proprietary


SunFiber is partially hydrolyzed, meaning enzymes have helped pre-digest it so it's better absorbed and used by the body.* As an excellent source of fiber, it is fermented in the colon by beneficial bacteria. One important by-product of this fermentation is called butyric acid with provides the primary fuel for the cells lining the large intestine. This keeps them healthy and functioning properly.*

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What Professionals Are Saying

EnteroMend helps improve dyspepsia, gas, bloating, nausea, tingling in mouth, and general discomfort.

Dr. Jill S

EnteroMend provides significant nutritional support to my IBS and ulcerative colitis patients.

Dr. Dianna R

EnteroMend provides soothing support to patients with GI inflammation.

Dr. Patrick C

I have used EnteroMend myself and recommend it to multiple patients. This is an absolute must have for my practice. I order it all the time or have my patients order it.

Dr. Eric N

360° Gut Support

Protect your gut from all angles by adding probiotics and fiber to your EnteroMend protocol.


Orange Vanilla
Protein Shake

Suggested Use

Mix 1 scoop of EnteroMend with at least 5-6 ounces of water, one to two times daily, or as recommended by your health-care practitioner.