I take Catalyte after every work-out, and it brings me back to life. Great flavor, and it dissolves very quick and easy.
Dehydration impacts mental and cognitive performance, meaning dehydration can adversely affect performance on the field, at work, and in the classroom. Supporting the body's ability to rehydrate helps fight fatigue, improves skin appearance, keeps muscles and joints lubricated, and helps maintain overall health.*
Catalyte enhances endurance and supports recovery.* The formula contains potassium and magnesium, two minerals that promote fast recovery and reduce muscle cramps.* By promoting rehydration at the cellular level, Catalyte promotes energy restoration.*
Traditional sports drinks can be high in carbohydrates. With only 5 grams of carbs per serving, Catalyte uses calorie-free sweeteners derived from natural sources to provide optimal electrolyte replenishment with approximately one-fourth the calories of many grocery store sports drinks.* Studies indicate that lower carbohydrate content results in faster nutrient absorption and rehydration.*
Electrolyte balance is key to keeping other systems in your body balanced. Sweating from vigorous physical activity leads to both fluid and electrolyte loss. As little as two percent of lost body weight through fluid loss can impair athletic performance. And loss of more than five percent of body weight via fluid loss decreases the capacity of your body to perform physical tasks by 30 percent.
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Pair Catalyte with complementary nutritional solutions to
help you feel your best.