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Benefits of B
There are eight vitamins in the B vitamin family, and they all provide benefits for your body. But what do B vitamins do? B vitamins are involved in keeping our cells healthy, creating energy from our food, manufacturing new cells, helping to make brain chemicals (neurotransmitters), supporting healthy methylation, and more.* Without them, the body would lack energy because B vitamins are needed to help convert food into fuel. Because of their involvement in various functions in the brain and body, the benefits of B vitamins include boosting mood, mental performance, and energy production.*

But what are B vitamins? Why are the B vitamins important? And how do you make the right choice for your circumstances? Discover below!
How do I choose
the best B vitamin
for me?
Choosing the right B vitamin formula for you depends on your individual needs and goals. Age, gender, genetics, and dietary needs impact the recommended amount and type(s) of B vitamins needed. Groups with increased nutrient needs, such as the elderly, pregnant women, growing children, individuals with health concerns like malabsorption, athletes, and individuals with specific dietary restrictions are at risk for B vitamin deficiencies that might require more focused support. 
Things to consider
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B vitamin
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We focus on ingredient quality because we believe that, with better ingredients, we can formulate products for optimal absorption and potency. Because B vitamins and their uses vary considerably, having several formulas to choose from is key. 

Our formulas are designed to deliver optimally absorbed forms of nutrients. Both individual B vitamins and B vitamin complexes contain the active, tissue-ready forms for enhanced availability to the tissues. 

We manufacture most of our supplements in our own facility, which gives us total control over what goes into our products. We refuse to use ingredients that inhibit absorption and quality. Thorne’s suite of B vitamin products is not derived from yeast – for those with yeast sensitivity. 

With a wide range of choices for a variety of ages, lifestyles, and nutrient deficiencies you can rest easy knowing your vitamin B supplements can change with you as you age or experience a shift in lifestyle.  

Thorne's B
If you are wondering, “What are B vitamins?” and how best to use them, it’s a good idea to explore how the combination formulas work. Combination B vitamin formulas – also called B complexes – are a great option if you need well-rounded nutrient support. A B complex formula makes it easy for you to get the benefits of the entire B-vitamin family, including energy production, detoxification support, mood balance, and much more – with only one or two capsules.

Thorne’s B vitamin formulas provide you with the full B vitamin family – but with more of specific B vitamins to support individual needs. Explore our options for the B vitamin supplement that best suits your personalized health and wellness goals.
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Individual B
Sometimes you just need targeted support from an individual B vitamin. Special nutrient needs are common in individuals who follow a specialized diet; those who struggle with a genetic challenge; people with gastrointestinal absorption issues, such as Celiac’s disease and after gastric bypass; and individuals who take prescription medications or hormones.

What vitamin B is right for you? Thorne’s individual B vitamin supplements provide targeted support for individual needs in the most absorbable, tissue ready forms to optimize efficacy.  
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