Employee wellness starts within.

Thorne, a global leader in developing innovative solutions for health and wellness, is
now offering a revolutionary employee wellness program addressing health
conditions critically important to employees.

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With Thorne’s employee wellness program companies receive:
Access to seven-day employee wellness boost bundles specifically designed to support improved sleep, stress management, and immune system resiliency.

Discounted access to a comprehensive portfolio of supplements which allow personalization of products beyond those included in the employee wellness program’s core seven-day wellness boosts.

A wide range of tools and incentives to enable successful adoption across your entire company population.

All of this is wrapped up in utilization data to better understand how your employees are leveraging the program, so it can be further customized for your organization.
Welcome to Thorne for work.
The partnership to make employee wellness better.
In a post-pandemic world, employee’s mindsets around holistic health and wellness are elevated making it more critical than ever for business and HR leaders to serve employees better and directly address the physical and mental wellbeing of their teams. At Thorne, we embrace these shifting dynamics and offer proven wellness support that leads to healthier employees, teams, and organizations — starting from within.
Meta-analytic studies show that sleep deprivation is a strong inhibitor of workplace performance.
The need for quality sleep is more important than ever, shares the Harvard Business Review, 2020. Unsurprisingly, sleep disturbances increase the risk of cancer, depression, and heart problems. They also lead to decreased productivity, increased job-related accidents, abseteeism, and other counterproductive work behaviors.
Thorne is trusted by
world-class organizations
What tools are in Thorne’s employee wellness program?
Thorne provides an array of tools to accelerate employee adoption specific to teams, workforce environment, and job type.

  • On site and/or remote Thorne kickoff/launch
  • Digital asset library (visual and copy)
  • Email/Teams/Slack messaging templates
  • Subscription/gift box card templates
  • Physical mailers
  • Product/“Wellness Boost” samples
  • Survey tools with response dissection support
You’re in good company.
Ingredients are
thoroughly tested
We only use ingredients that have been validated by clinical research to be safe and effective for their intended use
Sourcing only the exceptional.
Our research and development team searches the globe to find only the highest-quality ingredients to use in our nutritional solutions.
Trusted by professional
athletes world-wide.
We help athletes perform at their best by addressing performance issues through testing, data-based solutions, and premium supplements.
More than 300 unique products for every need.
With a deep portfolio of personalized offerings – testing that provides individualized data, educational resources, and products that support specific health goals and needs – Thorne is here at every age and life stage.
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Empower your
employee’s wellness
from anywhere.

Thorne's corporate wellness program is currently full but we are accepting applications for the program beginning Q3 of 2023.
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