High performers aren’t just professional athletes looking for that 1-percent advantage over their opponents. High performers are athletic professionals balancing a career, family, and staying strong; weekend warriors seeking a big change in health; traveling executives; parents juggling work and home on less than sufficient sleep – and the list goes on. High performers are individuals who give 100 percent of their brainpower and physical energy to perform their job and are still motivated to work harder. What do high performers have in common? Resiliency, drive, and passion.

No matter your age, daily responsibilities, profession, or health goals, as a high performer seeking to excel, look no further. Thorne’s sister company, Onegevity, has a test to help you learn, improve, and thrive!

Introducing Performbio™ by Onegevity – the only test that analyzes your gut microbiome, amino acids, vitamins, hormones, metabolism, sleep, training, and nutrition – to show you how your whole system works synergistically and impacts your energy, work capacity, performance drive, and recovery.

Performbio uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to do what no one else is doing – help you understand how each dynamic and complex aspect of your body affects one another – and what you can do to reach “normal” levels and also “ranges optimized for performance.” It provides personalized recommendations for your diet and the ideal Thorne nutritional supplements to take, helping you to reach the next level of performance, work, and life.  

How does it work?

Performbio is ordered online through Onegevity. Two boxes come in the mail with detailed instructions on how to collect your gut microbiome stool sample and how and when to collect finger-prick blood and saliva samples. The two kits contain pre-paid return packages that are to be sent to a third-party lab for analysis. When your report is ready, the insights and recommendations are unique to you. Learn where you land compared to health standards, where you should be, and, because you are competitive, how you compare to others! Receive recommendations for diet and nutritional supplements to move the needle from good to great, and beyond.

What does Performbio test?

Performbio has two kits. The gut microbiome test kit is analyzed using the most advanced sequencing, whole-genome shotgun sequencing. This research-grade sequencing technique analyzes the DNA of every microorganism in your sample – not just bacteria, but also archaea, fungi, viruses, parasites, and eukaryotes. By looking at the genetic makeup in your sample, your gut health status is a consistent assessment rather than how your last meal has affected your system.

The Performbio microbiome report provides insight into a multitude of performance-impacted gut metrics and metabolic pathways. Learn your gut’s diversity count – a number that you want to be high, and which is also a number that tends to increase with habitual exercise – and how you compare to others like you. Also assess your inflammation level and what bacteria might be present that can cause unexpected symptoms, result in leaky gut, and affect physical and mental performance.

Your gut’s metabolism capabilities can impact all aspects of your health, either resulting in chronic disease or helping you reach your goals of peak performance. Performbio reports short-chain fatty acid content and bile acid production and how you can optimize both. Also reported are amino acids, including valine, taurine, creatine, and carnitine, which are crucial for energy production, as well as metabolism and recovery. Equally important, learn about your gut’s capacity to produce B vitamins that support energy production.

The second kit is for blood and saliva collections. The energy category includes a lipid panel and B vitamins measured from a finger prick blood sample. The recovery category includes two measures in your blood: vitamin D, which is essential for almost every process in the body, and hs-CRP, which is a measure of inflammation. The saliva samples measure cortisol levels in both the A.M. and P.M. to understand your stress levels. Performbio also measures key sex hormones in men and women that drive performance – testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, and DHEA.

When is it best to take a Performbio test?

You can’t track your performance if you don’t have starting baseline information. Whether you’re in the middle of an exercise training program, just starting a new job, or working hard to make a big physical change, it’s never too late to gather information with a Performbio test. Implementing changes to your life, diet, and nutrititional supplement regimen will help you see improvements. Follow your personalized recommendations and track your metrics. Onegevity recommends re-evaluating your health status with a Performbio test every 3-6 months, depending on your lifestyle and goals.

Who should use Performbio?

Performbio is trusted by the Thorne and Onegevity communities, including professional athletes and teams, athletic professionals, executives, biohackers, coaches, trainers, military and first responders, and anyone looking to train smarter and recover faster. Performbio can be used by coaches, athletic trainers, strength coaches, dietitians, and other professionals working with high-performance clients, because Onegevity has a HIPAA-compliant Professional Account portal to view and recommend interventions based on results.

Performbio uses next-generation analytics for next-generation performance!  

Performbio is one of many products offered by Onegevity Health – the sister company to Thorne. If Performbio is not for you, or you are looking for a gut microbiome test without blood and saliva tests, then consider Gutbio™ by Onegevity as an alternative. Same advanced sequencing, different report, and still benefit from personalized insights and recommendations.