Although he doesn’t wield a hammer, he does throw an electrifyingly fast ball – regularly reaching triple digits on the radar gun. His first name is Noah, but, thanks in big part to his long, blonde hair, he’s simply known in Professional Baseball as Thor.

This hard-throwing, high-octane hurler for New York recently joined Team Thorne as an official Ambassador. Noah was kind enough to take the time to talk with us about his training, nutrition, and road to recovery from Tommy John surgery that will unfortunately leave him sidelined for the 2020 season.

The Road to Recovery and The Road Ahead 

With big expectations and an eagerness to get back on the mound, Noah is taking a positive approach to his recovery.

“Recovery is going very well. As soon as I had my injury, I wanted to perfect my nutrition, so I hired a personal chef to help with those needs,” he told us.

“I also basically turned my house into a wellness lounge, with a Yada hyperbaric chamber, a Clearlight infrared sauna, and a Morozko Forge ice tub. I was really fortunate to be able to continue my rehab considering most gyms were closed due to the pandemic.”

Even with the pandemic, Noah says he would still have approached this year’s shortened Professional Baseball season with the same drive and passion he always has.

“If I were playing this short season, my mental outlook wouldn’t change that much. I would work hard to elevate my discipline to the next level. I would also focus on nutrition and recovery during a time when we’re trying to avoid contact with as many people as possible, especially when your immune system could be compromised.”

But with his focus now on recovery, he shared how he has turned to Thorne to elevate his nutrition and training plans. Some of Noah’s must-haves include magnesium and Amino Complex for recovery, as well as Catalyte and magnesium again, which he uses to keep his electrolytes balanced in the Florida heat and humidity.

“Thorne plays a huge role in how I recover and train. I use Thorne products every single day,” he says.

“The supplements I take in the morning are Glucosamine & Chondroitin [for joints], Meriva [a curcumin supplement to balance the body’s inflammatory response], and then I take a bunch of Ascorbic Acid [vitamin C] when I break my fast with bone broth for better absorption. And I actually put Creatine in my coffee because I’ve heard that consuming it in a warm liquid helps its absorption into the bloodstream.”

At night, Noah’s bedtime routine includes both Magnesium Biglycinate and Zinc Picolinate – “for ultimate zen” – and to help him sleep.

Noah’s Philosophy on Training: Find Your Passion 

Although he’s known for his fun personality and fun-to-watch performance, Noah is 100-percent serious when it comes to his philosophy on training and work-out technique.

“The word ‘fun’ in relation to working out bothers me,” Noah told us.

“I think what separates the good athlete from the great athlete is the ability to cope with boredom and understanding that sacrifices have to be made to achieve your goals. For example, in my current rehab process, I will sacrifice a year of my life to focus on being 100-percent disciplined to achieve future success.”

It's this passion and dedication that keeps Noah motivated. He notes that for anyone looking to start – and stick – to a workout routine, they need to find their own personal motivation.

“There are a ton of moments when I absolutely hate going to the gym, but the passion to be the best version of me drives me forward,” he said. “Other advice I would offer is to implement a routine so working out becomes second nature and you don’t have to think about it. When I get to the gym, I also focus on taking a few deep breaths before I walk in and set my intentions for the day to create a reason why I’m there instead of just going through the motions.”

Noah also told us that, while passion and work ethic are important, to succeed – especially in the locker room and at the gym – it’s important to have the right direction.

“Relative to baseball specifically, I was concerned with being muscle bound early in my career, and even though I had the work ethic, I didn’t have the right direction,” Noah said.

“Reshaping my program to focus on mobility and being more fluid helped me properly train to be a baseball player and a pitcher. In general, though, the most important thing I have learned is to have a goal and to reach it at all costs.”

All of us at Thorne wish Noah a quick and healthy recovery – and we can’t wait to see him back on the mound for New York. Be sure to check out Noah’s personal collection to shop the same NSF Certified for Sport® supplements used by professional baseball’s very own Thor.