Science has always been at the core of who we are at Thorne. It’s ingrained in the development and testing of every single one of our products, and it intersects how we think about our customers’ lives with how they manage the realities of their everyday health.

Certainly, the past year has been one of learning, exploration, and reimagination for our collective values in the wellness industry and the world at-large. A once-in-a-century pandemic has been disruptive, to say the least. But in this moment, many individuals have rediscovered the roots of what it means to truly be well.

We have witnessed wellness fade away from the fad it once was and become a critical component of our culture. This phenomenon occurred alongside the growing celebrity of prolific scientists and medical experts, from the cultural juggernaut Dr. Anthony Fauci to the everyday healthcare heroes serenaded in cities with pots and pans. The world is currently reimagining its relationship with health, with wellness, and with science. And as individuals   rewrite the next chapter in their personal wellness journey, we, too, are redefining our own legacy.

Thorne HealthTech, our new parent company, was born out of our combination with Onegevity Health, LLC, a health intelligence company with a proprietary, multi-omic platform that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to map, integrate, and understand the billions of biological features that illuminate the status of an individual’s health. 

Thorne, as you know it, isn’t going anywhere. Thorne and Onegevity have been collaborating at the intersection of scientifically driven, personalized health for the past three years. We are still the same brand our customers know and love – this merger is simply us taking our partnership to the next level.

Thorne HealthTech’s mission is multifaceted. We aim to accelerate the industry by delivering best-in-class, end-to-end nutritional solutions and health intelligence, driven by tested and trusted science. We also want to help consumers and businesses be the advocates and energy behind that change, enabling them to take proactive, actionable steps to improve and maintain health – in daily life and through products. With the Onegevity brand, Thorne HealthTech can focus on empowering individuals to solve health challenges and optimize performance through distinct capabilities:

  • Onegevity Health Intelligence Platform, now offered by Thorne, leverages artificial intelligence to provide insights and personalized health recommendations based on specific tests, which can assist consumers in identifying a single vitamin deficiency or a hormone imbalance, to multi-dimensional analyses that provide better understanding of a person’s biological age. Onegevity’s AI-driven platform provides Thorne customers with comprehensive, personalized molecular portraits that offer greater understanding of and engagement around their health and wellness.
  • Onegevity Discovery is a B2B offering for the pharmaceutical industry and Contract Research Organizations that combines AI models with a multi-omic database to create a platform designed to develop new nutritional products, improve existing products, and repurpose therapeutic products and compounds for new and innovative uses at faster speeds and with higher efficiency. Onegevity Discovery offers a natural complement to Thorne’s product development and testing capabilities.  
  • Onegevity Lab will offer an AI-powered, personalized clinical experience that delivers a 360-degree snapshot of personal health. Designed to be the clinic of the future available to consumers and businesses, Onegevity Lab will provide the data and tools to help preserve health and optimize performance.

Thorne HealthTech will continue to form strategic partnerships and leverage opportunities to bring the world’s most innovative solutions to consumers and businesses. With these new capabilities, the company is poised not simply to be a force for science, but a driver of personalized health outcomes for our ever-expanding community. 

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