Our sleek, redesigned at-home kit look also comes with a back-end technology upgrade — Thorne health tests are now powered with the Onegevity Health Intelligence platform. Built by a team of award-winning researchers and scientific experts, the Onegevity Health Intelligence platform is what sets apart our tests, reports, and recommendations from everything and anything else. So what is the Onegevity Health Intelligence platform, exactly, and how will it benefit you? Let’s take a look.

Who is Onegevity, and what is its Health Intelligence platform?

Onegevity is another brand under the Thorne HealthTech parent company. Thorne and Onegevity are complementary in their offerings – or simply put, Onegevity is the data analytics driver behind the scenes, while Thorne is the brand you’ve always known and trusted. Together, Thorne and Onegevity innovate personalized health through evaluation, technology, and artificial intelligence – delivering you the best education, testing, and solutions for your individual needs.

Onegevity’s core science team has unsurpassed expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep neural networks, computer science, bioinformatics and biostatistics, systems biology, and metagenomics. Together, they have secured more than $250 million in competitive grant funding and have published more than 2,800 peer-reviewed scientific articles. With more than 70 years of combined experience, you can be assured the Onegevity team’s performance is top-notch and unmatched. 

During the past three years, the team has grown. It’s taken the work of an army, but they designed and deployed the Onegevity Health Intelligence platform. It’s a one-of-a-kind, multi-omic platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to assemble, analyze, and interpret huge data sets from human physiology and applies it to real-life wellness. 

What is multi-omics? Multi-omics is a biological analysis approach in which the data sets of multiple “omes,” such as genomes, proteomes, transcriptomes, epigenomes, metabolomes, and microbiomes are used to study life. 

With the power of Onegevity Health Intelligence, human data can be analyzed from multiple different angles. Onegevity can analyze an individual to the deepest level or map how a disease “looks” in various people. This platform enables us to discern even the slightest biological perturbations after nutritional or medicinal intervention. This platform can even be used to help predict what might happen to someone (or a group of people alike from a specific “omic”) who are given the same treatment in the future. Essentially, the Onegevity Health Intelligence platform can help determine who might be a “responder” and who might be a “non-responder” to a particular intervention. 

How does the platform work?

The Onegevity Health Intelligence platform includes multi-omic datasets from multiple public sources, such as government research and countless scientific publications. It also accounts for personal demographics, such as age, height, weight, current health conditions, and more. The Onegevity science team “trains” statistical algorithms to make sense of what the data means. Machine learning then feeds information back into the algorithms, so they are perpetually getting “smarter.”

This is where Onegevity’s science is head and shoulders above the rest – it takes great experience working with various big data sets in a multitude of different scenarios and populations to design and validate the algorithms that Onegevity uses. And these algorithms have been input to the back end of the Thorne tests you take to provide you the best output and results. 

What does this mean for you?

Thorne and Onegevity provide unparalleled test offerings because we understand what makes you unique by comparing you to billions of other data points that provide you with the most meaningful insights and efficacious recommendations possible. 

Find Your Biological Age Using Our Latest Testing Technology

Thorne’s newest test, which evaluates Biological Age, is an excellent example of Thorne and Onegevity’s complementary capabilities. The algorithms used to estimate biological, liver, lipid, metabolic, kidney, and blood ages have been trained on hundreds of thousands of blood biomarkers from a huge cohort that spans young to old, healthy to diseased, athletic to couch potato, and many other walks of life.

A change in one blood biomarker from increasing or decreasing exercise routine, changing diet for better or worse, drinking more or less alcohol, or starting or stopping a medication initiates a cascade of events in the body that impacts so many other “omics.” 

Your personalized recommendations will match you up with dietary suggestions, the best Thorne nutritional supplement options, and lifestyle changes that will enable you to optimize your health. The Onegevity system will allow you to track your progress over time, test after test, and interpret what effects any new lifestyle change have had on you, your aging, and what you can do about it.