At Thorne HealthTech, we knew that we had the ability to go beyond supplements in ways that would enable us to help people get and stay healthier longer – whether they were professional athletes, members of the Armed Forces, working professionals, or individuals seeking to live their best lives. We set our sights on creating a comprehensive system for wellness – taking what we had built with Thorne and creating a new way for individuals to view, understand, and improve their health. 

To do so, we got to the root of the question: “What do I take to improve my health and why?” Answering led to the fruition of Onegevity. Onegevity was created to offer the benefits of precision wellness and scientific-based evidence to help prevent chronic health conditions before they began.

Onegevity is also working with companies to study connections between cognitive functioning and bacterial gut health as well as the largest risk factor to health – aging – which is a fundamental root cause across all diseases.  

Thorne and Onegevity together 

Together, our vertically integrated brands, Thorne and Onegevity, provide actionable insights and personalized data, products and services that help individuals take a proactive approach to improve and maintain their health. Today, we are a trusted consumer brand recommended and used by more than 42,000 healthcare professionals, three million customers, thousands of professional athletes and more than 100 professional sports and 11 U.S. Olympic teams. This trust is a direct result of our unwavering commitment to high-quality, science-backed products and services designed to help people live their best lives. 

A future inspired by our past 

At Thorne HealthTech, we continue to be guided by the tenets that have been important to us for the last 11 years, and which remain core to everything we do:

  1. We seek to bring products with the highest quality and purity, which are clinically validated, to market. Our products are created completely in-house by a highly sophisticated team of 23 scientists and engineers utilizing proprietary technologies, health intelligence systems and Onegevity Discovery. These products are subject to up to four rounds of testing in our in-house laboratories. 
  2. We invest in our employees and our culture. We believe that a company’s internal culture reflects its products in many ways. Our culture is rooted in a focus on our employees because we believe motivated and happy employees lead to satisfied customers. Our employees are the touchpoint for everything we do as a company. By creating a meritocracy built around hiring and rewarding the best people we have been able to recruit some of the best scientific minds in the country. We have built a team that is reflective of our values – our employees value quality, science, and data over short-term monetary decisions, and they understand that prioritizing the needs of our customers always leads to the best outcomes. 
  3. We do what’s right for our business, our community, and the environment. We value vertical integration because we know it is the only way to ensure the quality of our products and guarantee our supply chain. By manufacturing in the United States, we retain control over our operations, and, at the same time, we serve our community by employing over 350 people at our South Carolina facility.  In 2018, we completed and moved into a new, high-tech manufacturing facility just outside Charleston, South Carolina, which is where we make nearly all of our products. We remain committed to expanding our manufacturing footprint in the United States as we grow. We are very proud of the fact that we made it through COVID-19 to date without significant supply chain interruptions and were able to guarantee a “no backorder” policy for our customers. We also believe that the environment should not be compromised for the sake of profits, and we take pride in being a steward of the botanical ingredients we use in our products. If we learn a botanical ingredient is becoming endangered or over-sourcing is diminishing its supply, we look to discontinue its use in our product lines.

A new vision for healthcare 

Despite all prevailing evidence and studies showing that many chronic diseases are preventable if early action is taken, our healthcare system has chosen to focus on the most expensive way to treat people – a focus on sick-care rather than well-care. 

The COVID-19 pandemic shone a bright light on the inefficiencies and inadequacies of our healthcare system. Relying on treating disease rather than trying to prevent it in the first place resulted in hundreds of thousands of potentially preventable deaths, as so many people had comorbidities that dramatically heightened the risk and impact of COVID-19. Yet, at the same time, the pandemic has also resulted in a heightened focus on and a greater commitment to proactive efforts to maintain health for more people. We are encouraged by this trend and are excited about the opportunity to support more people in their journey to better health and wellness. 

Our organization has never been more excited about the future growth potential for and impact of our company as we are today. With the strength of both Thorne and Onegevity, Thorne HealthTech is uniquely positioned to deliver data to help healthcare practitioners, consumers and athletes re-focus on prevention – ultimately delivering the solutions, products and services that offer a comprehensive system of wellness designed to keep people healthier, for longer. We invite you to follow along on our journey as we strive to change the paradigm and create a future focused on better health for more people. 

Paul Jacobson