What if your living room could become your personal waiting room, and your lab results came directly to you? What if you could have the tools needed to design your health – from the inside out?  

What if you didn’t need to say, “What if?” That’s what Thorne has set out to do. We are introducing the idea that good health can always be made better, and our mission is to change the perceptions of what good health is by providing the tools people need to enrich their lives and improve how they feel.

Health, Redefined

As a playwright, Shakespeare redefined literature – leaving an everlasting impact on culture and language. In the early 20th century, Picasso was a prominent force in the development of the Cubist movement, forever redefining how we perceive art. As an athlete, Michael Jordan redefined the very style and substance of basketball, changing the NBA forever.

At Thorne, we going to do something similar. We are redefining what it means to be well.

Although good health is the foundation for all good experiences in life, we tend to forget this. At Thorne, we want each person to reconnect with their body, to understand how powerful, precious, and beautiful good health truly is. To do that, we need to redefine how people understand health.

We set out to change not only how people understand their personal health, but also to give them the tools they need to take action to improve their health. We’re implementing the concept that health isn’t simply good or bad – you aren’t simply healthy or sick. Health exists on a continuum. Good health is a process, and through the best insights, education, and nutritional support, your health can be optimized to unlock the fullest expression of your genetic potential.

We’re combining innovative science with Thorne’s values of ingenuity, integrity, and complete transparency – to make wellness simple, individual, and more human. That’s what we mean when we say we are redefining health.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Look at the real-world ways that Thorne is redefining health every day.

Supporting NFL Athletes 

“A part of O-Line Performance’s brand mission is to connect athletes with experts and premium science-backed products. Thorne is the industry leader in nutritional science, and Thorne’s line of NSF Certified for Sport® products will allow O-Line Performance to remain at the forefront of education, NFL player development, and content curation. It's an honor to align ourselves with the people and brand of Thorne.” — LeCharles Bentley, CEO, O-Line Performance.

Providing Individualized Health and Wellness Solutions To the Athletes of the UFC

“Thorne is the unquestioned leader in quality and innovation in the sports nutrition supplement industry, making them the perfect match to support the UFC’s Performance Institute and the athletes who choose to use UFC’s services. The UFC-Thorne partnership shows UFC athletes, as well as consumers, where to find the safest and highest-quality supplement available.” — Clint Wattenberg, Director of Sports Nutrition, UFC Performance Institute.

Pairing Science-Backed Solutions with Nutritional Education Partner MindBodyGreen

“Thorne challenges industry standards by relentlessly pursuing innovative ingredients, purity, and a level of manufacturing expertise that is unparalleled.” — Jason Wachob, Founder and Co-CEO, MindBodyGreen.

Fueling Olympic Athletes

“We rely on high quality products, like Thorne’s Vitamin D-5000, to support our national team athletes. Making sure our athletes have adequate vitamin D levels is critical for supporting their bones, muscles, and immune systems. With the sports performance line being NSF Certified for Sport, it ensures that our athletes are supplementing their diets in a safe and effective way.” — Carrie Aprik, USA Hockey, Women's National Team Sports Dietitian.

Optimizing the Health of Everyday Individuals 

Thorne products aren’t just for world-class athletic programs and their elite athletes. Thorne supplements are designed for everyday individuals, too. Here are real world stories of how Thorne is helping individuals make the most of their health.

“I trust Thorne above any other brand for my supplement needs. I love that the products are made with clean ingredients, they're backed by science, and, above all else, they really, truly work. Formula SF722 legitimately changed my life in kicking 20 years of skin problems to the curb—it's my ride-or-die, and I will shout it from the rooftops again and again. I'm a Thorne customer for life.” — Brigette Muller (@hummusbird)

“As a fitness coach, I want to recommend to my clients and community products I stand behind and trust, and I trust the efficacy and quality testing Thorne does to ensure quality products. I feel confident recommending Thorne and having their name beside my own. Thorne puts product quality over everything else, which sticks out in a very saturated industry. I’m very careful with what I put into my body, and before I used Thorne, I didn’t even use supplements because I didn’t trust the sources.” — Joe Rodonis (@joerodonis)

“As a type 1 diabetic, I have felt the greatest impact of Thorne’s 5-HTP for mood; their probiotics for gut health; and Rhodiola for increasing my body's ability to handle stress. Because of my own experience with Thorne products, I recommend these products to my diabetic community.” — Lauren Bongiorno (@Lauren_Bongiorno)

Dream of Your Best Health.  Achieve it through Thorne. 

Thorne believes that when you optimize your health, bringing it to new heights, you’ll be amazed at the unexpected and exhilarating ways your life will improve. With home tests to enable you to understand your health, and with supplements that can help you unlock your full potential, you can see for yourself what your body is capable of — and experience the idea of health, redefined.