There is a lot of excitement about hemp oil these days. There is also a lot of confusion. While many people have heard of hemp oil, they aren’t exactly sure what it does. Or whether or not it contains THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Will hemp oil make you “high”? If you use a hemp oil supplement are you breaking any laws? The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about hemp oil.

Q: Does Hemp Oil Contain Marijuana?

A: Typically, when a person asks if a hemp product “contains any marijuana,” what they really want to know is “is there any THC in it?” Hemp and marijuana are different cultivars of the same plant, Cannabis sativa. Marijuana is the form of Cannabis that has been bred to concentrate high levels of the intoxicating compound, THC (tetrahydrocannabinoid), for recreational and medicinal use.

Conversely, hemp is a form of Cannabis that is primarily used in clothing, paper, biofuels, bio-plastics, nutraceuticals/dietary supplements, cosmetics, and foods. Hemp contains less than 0.3 percent of THC on a dry-weight basis. Because Thorne’s Hemp Oil + uses hemp and not marijuana, the THC content in it will always be at or below 0.3 percent. Under the U.S. Government’s definition, cannabis with THC levels at or below 0.3 percent are not considered to be marijuana. 

Q: If I use Hemp Oil + is there a risk I could test positive for THC on a drug test?

A: Although Thorne’s Hemp Oil+ is in full compliance for the allowable THC levels in hemp, it does have a very small amount of THC in it (at or below 0.3 percent). While the likelihood of failing a drug test would be very low, we cannot guarantee that it will not happen, especially given different sensitivities and methods for tests. Some tests may also falsely identify other naturally occurring compounds in hemp oil as THC. We would therefore recommend avoiding this product if drug testing is essential to your job.

Q: If I take this product, what can I expect to feel?

A: As with every nutritional supplement, each individual’s results will vary. But individuals who have already used Thorne’s Hemp Oil + report feeling more relaxed (less tense and less stressed out).* They also report an improvement in mood, overall contentment, and concentration, and moderation of nerve-related or GI-related physical discomfort.*What you should not expect to feel is impaired, euphoric, or drowsy. 

Q: I have heard of CBD Oil. Is Hemp Oil + the same thing?

A: No. CBD is one of many compounds naturally found in hemp oil. The hemp oil extract used in Thorne’s Hemp Oil + contains only the naturally-occurring CBD constituent of hemp oil, as part of its total phytocannabinoid content. In particular, Thorne’s Hemp Oil + does not have any purified (natural or synthetic) CBD added to it. Therefore, Hemp Oil + provides a full spectrum of the natural phytocannabinoid compounds found in hemp oil rather than isolated CBD oil.

Q: What are phytocannabinoids?

A: Phytocannabinoids are a class of plant-based, naturally-occurring chemical compounds that influence the system in the body called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is the body’s primary regulatory system. It’s like an internal balancing mechanism, constantly keeping a vast range of body functions in equilibrium.

The body produces its own chemicals called endocannabinoids that modulate biological processes throughout the entire body. As such, these endocannabinoids have wide-ranging effects on everything from fertility to pain. Phytocannabinoids are compounds found in nature that influence and support the ECS. They are the compounds responsible for the health benefits of Thorne’s Hemp Oil +.

Q: Why does Hemp Oil + contain other ingredients besides hemp, such as black pepper and clove?

A: All the ingredients in Hemp Oil + work synergistically to provide a more broad-spectrum nourishment for the endocannabinoid system. The black pepper and clove extracts in Hemp Oil + contain a compound called beta-caryophyllene (BCP). BCP is a terpene found in the essential oils of many common herbs and spices. Research shows that beta-caryophyllene binds to specific cannabinoid receptors in the body, called CB2 receptors. These CB2 receptors, when activated by compounds that bind to them, are involved in supporting healthy nervous system function, immune function, and gut health.*

Rosemary oil acts as a natural antioxidant preservative. It also supplies terpenoids, including camphene, pinene, and limonene, which support a healthy inflammatory response and promote relaxation.* Hops and hemp both belong to the family of plants called Cannabaceae – which makes them close cousins. Because of this, they naturally contain several similar, synergistic compounds. The hops oil in Hemp Oil + provides a source of the alpha and beta acids – humulon and lupulon – which have antioxidant properties and support a healthy inflammatory response.*

Q: Do I need a prescription? Do I need to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery? Any other restrictions?

A: You do not need a prescription to buy and use Hemp Oil +. However, we recommend that you consult your health professional before using this product, just as you should with any nutritional supplement. This is especially true if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, are nursing, or if you are taking a prescription medication and are concerned about possible interactions.

None of the ingredients in Hemp Oil + are known to impair your ability to drive or operate equipment. However, if you have concerns about this you might wish to first try taking the product when you do not have to perform these activities to see how you personally respond. 

Q: How should I take Hemp Oil +?

A: Hemp Oil + can be taken with or without food, and there are no formal limitations for how long to take it. We recommend that you follow the label instructions, and that you consult your health-care practitioner if you have questions regarding your personal use. 

Thorne’s expectation is that our customers will greatly appreciate the benefits to their health and wellness that Hemp Oil + will provide them.* The product is safe, it’s effective for its indications of use, and we think it’s a great addition to the Thorne product line.

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