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How do I get reimbursed?

Thorne will provide an itemized receipt after your sample has been collected and tested and the results have been sent to you. Contact us after you receive your results and we will issue your receipt.

How long does it take to get my test results?

After we receive your completed online order, we will ship your test within 2 business days. You can expect to receive your test within 3-4 business days. After you have collected your samples, pac...

Is my data secure and private?

Thorne is 100 percent committed to storing your data in a private and secure way. Thorne has numerous safeguards in place to ensure that your data is secure against foreseeable risks, such as unaut...

What laboratories do you use to analyze my samples?

Thorne works with some of the nation's leading laboratories that meet our strict quality standards. All of our laboratory partners are certified through the federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement ...